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MBRL – A whole new world. Since it opened, #MBRL has become a place where people from all over the world can get information and meet other researchers and readers. A cultural building that gives visitors a unique, exciting, and creative experience by hosting literature and knowledge events in different fields, offering specialized libraries, and using the latest technologies. #AWholeWorld

MBRL – A whole new world

We are proud to say that we made the music for the MBRL, a place of culture that brings together literature, knowledge, and technology to give visitors a creative and unique experience. We composed the MBRL’s “sonic branding” and the music for this film shown is the gala dinner arrangement. 


The “Dare to Dream” sonic identity is our latest sonic branding work for Mohammed Bin Rashid Library (MBRL), and we are thrilled to share it with you. Here at WithFeeling, we bring brands to life via the power of music. The “Dare to Dream” instrumental embodies the spirit, creativity, and significance of MBRL while also paying tribute to the rich Arabic history to which they owe so much. Immerse yourself in a world of boundless opportunity and discovery as this enchanting music plays. We’re grateful to have collaborated with MBRL, and we hope you’ll join us in seeing the transformative potential of sound.

MBRL – A whole new world


MBRL A whole new world

Sonic Branding Company in Dubai

Does your brand have a unique tone or a catchy jingle, theme song, or other pieces of music meant to promote a product or service? Such as MBRL A whole new world. WithFeeling is a company that does sonic branding, which is the process of making unique sounds.

People are more familiar with the idea of visual branding, but many big and small businesses ignore the importance of sonic branding at their own risk. Find out what sonic branding is, how it can help your brand, and if your company needs to use sound to brand itself.

In a world where sound has become increasingly important, WithFeeling is a world-leading sonic branding company that helps dynamic and forward-thinking brands find their voice. Inspiring people across all brand touchpoints with compelling audio content and producing music for major projects such as Expo 2020 Dubai.

Is adding music or other sounds to your brand something you plan to do, or do you have any questions? Please contact us, and we will ensure the continued growth of your company’s brand.

We are a company that specialises in sonic branding, so we are aware of the importance of sound to a brand’s success. A great illustration of how music can bring a brand to life and give the audience a memorable experience is MBRL’s “Dare to Dream” sonic identity.

Although it is frequently disregarded, sound can be just as crucial to branding as visual components like colours and logos. Making emotional connections with customers and increasing brand recognition can be achieved by using music or sound effects.

Our talented team of composers, sound designers, and musicians at WithFeeling can produce original music and soundscapes that perfectly convey a brand’s personality and message. We are aware of how crucial sound is in delivering a compelling and immersive experience to audiences and clients.

Please contact us if you’re thinking about including sonic branding in your marketing plan. We can work with you to develop a distinctive sonic identity that distinguishes you from the competition and find the sound that best represents the identity and values of your brand.

The Effects of Music in Different Spaces, Including Libraries

The MBRL project exemplifies the profound influence music can have on a setting, transforming a library into a thriving centre of learning and creativity. But sonic branding’s potential extends far beyond libraries. In any setting, well-chosen background music can establish the mood, elicit feelings, and foster a captivating ambiance that leaves an enduring impression on visitors.

Imagine walking into a restaurant, a retail establishment, or even an office building and being greeted by a distinctive and captivating soundscape that not only enhances the overall experience but also goes hand in hand with the visual elements of the brand. Any space can become more inviting, cosy, and memorable with the right background music.

WithFeeling specialises in creating custom music and soundscapes that complement your brand’s personality and core values while blending in with the environment. Our team of talented musicians, sound designers, and composers will collaborate closely with you to produce an audio production that will have a lasting impression on your audience.

Get in touch with us right away if you want to use the power of sound to enhance your brand and enthral your audience. Together, let’s investigate the world of sonic branding and design a special, immersive audio environment for your location. Accept the power of sound, and let us turn the narrative of your brand into an engaging symphony that connects with your audience.