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As the Managing Director of WithFeeling, an audio and music agency based in Dubai, I’ve been in the business for more than 17 years. I’ve heard a lot of wrong and negative ideas about sonic branding over the course of my career. When I talk about “sonic logos,” some my clients often feel confused. They might think it’s just a catchy or annoying tune, but it’s so much more than that.

Emirates Boarding Sonic Identity

A sonic logo is the sound version of a visual logo. It is also called a sound logo or audio branding. It’s not just a simple jingle or a string of notes; it’s a sophisticated, detailed sound with a story and a point. As a former Creative Director, I know how important a strong audio identity is and how it can be used across multiple touchpoints, from the classic TV and radio ads to in-store, on-site audio and a lot more.

McDonald’s is lovin’ their sonic logo

Apple Startup/Chime

At WithFeeling, we are experts at creating sonic branding that helps our clients stand out by giving them a unique and memorable sound. We’ve helped huge clients like the Dubai Racing Club (Dubai World Cup) and the Mohamed Bin Rashid Library come up with effective sonic branding. We wrote “Dubai Millennium” the identity for the Dubai Racing Club that captured the excitement of the horse racing and the prestige of the Dubai World Cup by using the sounds of horses’ hooves and traditional Arabic instruments. For the Mohamed Bin Rashid Library, we created the track “Dare to Dream,” which evokes the library’s passion, imagination, and impact, as well as its proud Arabic heritage. These tracks are often part of a larger soundtrack, which the client can pick and choose from and use in many aspects of their business.

Mohamed bin Rashid Library

Dubai Racing Club (Dubai World Cup)

One of the best things about music and sonic branding is that it can make listeners feel a strong emotional connection. (That’s why we are called WithFeeling!) By making an audio identity that stands out and is easy to remember, a business can increase brand recognition and loyalty, which leads to a higher return on investment. At WithFeeling, we believe that sound has the power to drive business success, and we work with our clients to make soundtracks that not only catch the ear, but also the heart.

We’ve worked on some other exciting sonic branding projects, like the sonic identity for Expo 2020 Dubai. For this project, we wrote and produced the hit theme song “This is Our Time” performed by Mayssa Karaa, Almas and Hussain Al Jassmi. From there, we created a full soundtrack of audio assets used each day for a mega event that lasted for 6 months. The result was a unified, all-encompassing audio experience that made the Expo 2020 Dubai brand stronger and left visitors on and off-site with a lasting impression.

sonic logo

Want to find out more about how sonic branding can help your company? Contact us at to find out how we can help you make an audio identity that people will remember.