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Original Music and Sound Design for Themed Entertainment

Sonic Spectacles: Rides, Shows & Beyond

At WithFeeling, we bring stories to life through sound and music in themed entertainment, creating immersive experiences in theme parks around the world. We ensure every project is flawless, incorporating a symphony of emotions in our compositions. Our creativity immerses audiences in each ride and show, and we go beyond music with voiceovers and sound effects. We're experienced across diverse events and work closely with AV integration teams for seamless audio-visual experiences. Join us on this sonic journey as we continue creating exceptional soundscapes for themed entertainment.

Transforming Themed Entertainment

WithFeeling is aware of the power of sound and music to create magical moments. Themed entertainment, where our soundscapes bring stories and experiences to life, brings this truth to life. Our main goal is to create unforgettable immersive experiences that enthral all audiences and make every second spent in theme parks and other themed entertainment venues.

Global Soundscapes

Our team is exceptional at making sure every project is executed flawlessly. Our work has improved a wide range of theme parks and themed entertainment experiences around the world, drawing on our extensive experience in the culturally diverse landscapes of Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Themed Entertainment
Seaworld Abu Dhabi
Themed Entertainment Dubai Parks
Dubai Parks and Resorts
Themed Entertainment Surreal Water Feature
Surreal Water Feature
Themed Entertainment Expo Explorer
Expo 2020 Dubai

A Symphony of Emotions

We use music in our work to weave a rich tapestry of feelings. Every emotion finds a home in our compositions, transforming each one into a distinct emotional journey, including happiness, amusement, suspense, and anticipation. Our themed entertainment work draws audiences into an immersive, life-changing experience by capturing this emotional richness.

Immersion in Creativity

Our creative process is meticulous and personal. We can better understand how our audio can amplify the emotional journey of each ride, show, or event by placing ourselves within the theme parks and themed lands we work with. Every sound we produce has been carefully thought out to enhance the immersive experience that is so essential to themed entertainment.

Garden in the sky themed entertainment
Garden in the Sky
zero degrees abu dhabi
Zero Degrees Abu Dhabi
VOV Saudi
lego land dubai withfeeling
Legoland Dubai

Beyond Music

We do more than just compose music. We also produce voiceovers and sound effects to give themed entertainment more depth. These components, which are frequently ignored, enhance the themed entertainment experience and give theme parks a rich auditory environment.

Experience Across Events

Our work has been seen and heard both domestically and abroad, in settings ranging from small-scale conferences to public performances. We are aware of the various components that make up an event. Using this information, we produce voiceovers, sound design, and music that mesh well together and are completely consistent with your brand.

Join Our Sonic Experience

We are passionate about turning every element of themed entertainment into a musical masterpiece here at WithFeeling. We think that our work should resonate long after the final note has faded. Join us on this adventure as we continue to create exceptional soundscapes for theme parks and themed entertainment that bring the magic of music and sound to life.

Seamless Audio Integration

At WithFeeling, meticulous collaboration with AV integration teams is an essential part of our work. We are aware that the devil is in the details when it comes to themed entertainment, so a seamless audio-visual experience is crucial. We ensure that every auditory component seamlessly melds with the visual spectacle by forming strong partnerships with vendors, providing a synchronised sensory experience within theme parks and themed entertainment venues. Our commitment to this integrative process demonstrates our dedication to excellence and the timely completion of each project.

audio integration themed entertainment
Dante Integration

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