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Sonic Branding Company

Does your brand’s name ring with a distinct tone or have a catchy jingle, theme song, or other music meant to promote a specific product or service? WithFeeling is a sonic branding company that produces unique sounds referred to as sonic branding.

The concept of visual branding is more widely known, many large and small businesses overlook the significance of sonic branding at their peril. Find out what sonic branding is, how it can improve your brand’s experience, and if your company needs to brand with sound.

A Definition of “Sonic Branding”

“Sonic branding” describes the practice of associating a specific set of sounds or a specific piece of music with a particular business. Fans, followers, or customers do not inherently create a connection. As an alternative, the brand develops or adopts it as part of a strategy to make the target audience more likely to associate the brand with the sound.

In a nutshell, sonic branding is how your brand is represented aurally. It’s the standard iPhone ringtone, the “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle from McDonald’s. Think of the “Netflix” start-up sound or the famous “Intel Inside” music. You can hear the sounds by clicking the links above and scrolling to the middle of the page.

Adding sound to your brand’s identity is a powerful way to engage potential customers and cement your company’s place in their minds. Consistent application across all available marketing mediums maximizes its effectiveness.

sonic branding company

In what ways does sonic branding improve the brand encounter?

Listening to a jingle or hearing a song associated with your brand can help consumers remember who you are and what you sell in the future. Customers will associate the music with your company when they hear it or when they hear the song itself.

Your company’s sonic identity should give listeners a glimpse into your brand’s history and character through the sounds you choose to represent it. Sounds and music can express feelings and ideas that words alone might not be able to say. Sound is a quick and efficient way to influence how potential customers feel about a brand.

How cheerful and optimistic should the voice of your product be? Implement a unique, upbeat ding that will become the app’s signature sound and remind users of your brand. What if, however, your company is a more solemn, such as in the medical or legal fields, and you prefer to promote itself via television and radio? Use music with an optimistic, uplifting mood that conveys reliability.

Sonic Branding: A Method for Revitalization and Rebranding

If you’re undergoing a major rebranding, using sound can help ease consumers into your new brand identity. For instance, Mastercard paid their sonic branding company a reported $15 million on their sonic brand.

Retaining the familiar while keeping the brand up-to-date and relevant is possible by refreshing your signature sounds as part of a brand refresh, provided no significant changes are being implemented. How about we take a look at a few cases?

  • The Mac Startup Sound: The familiar chime that plays when a Mac begins booting. Over the years, there have been subtle shifts in the sound, though the overall impression remains the same.
  • The Walt Disney Pictures Introduction: Throughout the years, Disney films have featured several memorable theme songs.
  • The Default iPhone Ringtone: Beginning with the original Marimba ringtone in 2007, the iPhone has had a series of unique default ringtones. Apple changed its signature jingle to “Reflection” in 2017.

Using Sound to Build a Brand and Evoke Memories

We recommend that it’s vital to Intentionally evoke feelings of nostalgia as mentioned earlier. If done correctly, sonic branding can make a product or service so associated with a specific moment in time that it becomes indelible in the minds of consumers.

These sounds will instantly transport you back to the 90s!

  • The Windows 95 boot-up tune
  • The famous “You’ve Got Mail” message from AOL
  • The SEGA Genesis opening theme

A powerful sonic brand can enter the realm of popular culture when combined with an equally iconic brand. It has the potential to make a lasting impression on dedicated customers. The fact that it’s familiar can also encourage repeat business.

Should Your Brand Implement Sonic Branding?

Sound branding is becoming increasingly popular, but it isn’t suitable for every company. So, you need to add some music to your brand. Sound branding can be helpful in the following scenarios:

  • In either audio or visual form, your brand is featured or used in social media video, television, radio, streaming audio, and streaming video.
  • You promote your business through the use of recorded audio or video.
  • You host a podcast or vlog.
  • Your company manufactures a product whose functionality would be enhanced or complemented by incorporating original sounds, such as computers, mobile phones, or household appliances.
  • You are an author who creates audiobooks. A signature page transition or audiobook introduction similar to “This is Audible” will significantly assist.
  • When customers call your call centre, your customer service team relies on hold music.

Sonic branding, or sonic identity, involves creating unique sounds associated with your company. When building a brand, it’s not the same as sonic branding to rely on stock sounds such as pre-recorded hold music, default sound effects, or unlicensed music.

Brief Synopsis; And What Should I Do if I Need Help Developing My Audio Identity?

In a world where sound has become increasingly important, WithFeeling is a world-leading sonic branding company that helps dynamic and forward-thinking brands find their voice. Inspiring people across all brand touchpoints with compelling audio content and producing music for major projects such as Expo 2020 Dubai.

Is adding music or other sounds to your brand something you plan to do, or do you have any questions? Please contact us, and we will ensure the continued growth of your company’s brand.