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Here at WithFeeling, it was a privilege for us to create the Dubai Racing Club Sonic Identity. You may have already heard the short sonic logo, but now you can hear the full-length track in all its glory. The piece is called “Dubai Millennium”

Horseracing began in the Emirate of Dubai in October 1981, when the dusty Camel Track hosted the first Thoroughbred race meeting. Three races were run – a sprint, a mile, and a mile and a half, organized by the office of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai

Our brief was to create a memorable and catchy sonic identity for the Dubai Racing Club, capturing 4 key elements. The first element and most important was, of course, the horses whose distinctive pounding rhythm of hooves on turf came through.

We had to ensure that the excitement of horse racing was captured by adding big powerful drums. 

The third element was incorporating our home, the UAE,  using Arabic instruments to give a distinctive Emirati feel. 

The prestige of horse racing in the UAE was the last thing we wanted to show in our sound design for the Dubai World Cup. The Dubai World Cup is a race with a prize of a million dollars, and the best trainers and jockeys from all over the world come to try to win it. This status is shown in the track’s grandeur and size, which is an awe-inspiring sight.

In our sound design, we focused on creating a sense of grandeur and scale to show this sense of prestige. This meant making a lot of different sounds, like the crowd’s roar and the thundering of the horses’ hooves as they ran down the track. We also used big, epic music to help get people excited about the race and make them look forward to it.

Overall, our goal with the sound design for the Dubai World Cup was to show how exciting and important horse racing is in the UAE. We hope that our work helped race fans enjoy watching the race more and added to the atmosphere of the event as a whole.

Lauren Igielski – Marketing Manager – Dubai Racing Club 

“I’ve always believed in the power of sonic branding. It has been a pleasure and great fun working with Chris Atkins and Joe Dickinson on our new sonic identity. Their passion, enthusiasm and expertise shine through. And there is more to come…

If you’ve never experienced horse racing, bring your family, friends or colleagues and join us this Friday at Meydan Racecourse, 6pm. Visit

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