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As an event music composer, Joe is a highly sought-after talent known for his international reputation and exceptional ability to draw from a diverse range of influences to compose music in any style. He is also the Chief Music Officer of WithFeeling. Joe has the talent to adapt to any genre and produce the ideal music to match any brief, whether it be orchestral scores, genuine Arabic pieces, or the newest commercial hit sounds. Joe and WithFeeling have now built up a roster of 13 world-class composers scattered around the globe.

Event Music Composer

Original Music for the biggest events!

One of Dubai’s most sought-after composers with more than a decade of experience in the Middle East, Joe has created the music for a number of high-profile events in Dubai over the past 15 years, including multiple New Year’s Eve firework events, the Dubai World Cup, Dubai Parks and Resorts, and most recently, the Aramco Symposium event in Saudi Arabia and the Zero Degrees Room in Abu Dhabi. He has a thorough understanding of various world music genres and has demonstrated the ability to work under pressure while still maintaining a positive attitude, which has led to repeat business from agencies. The Islamic Arts Biennale in Saudi Arabia will feature music from WithFeeling, the company for which he serves as chief music officer.

15 years of experience in The Middle East

Joe’s musical prowess has previously benefited numerous international brands, including McDonald’s, Nivea, Sony, Cadillac, Microsoft, and many more. For some of the largest and most elaborate landmarks and events in the UAE, including Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Dubai Parks and Resorts, UAE National Day ceremonies, and the world’s only seven-star hotel, The Burj Al Arab, he has been in charge of creating original soundtracks.

Joe, also wrote the song “This is our Time,” which serves as the official theme for Expo 2020 Dubai. He collaborated closely with Chris and the Expo team to come up with an anthem that reflected the theme, values, and goals of this first major event in the region. Joe is a highly valuable asset for any event because of his expertise in writing music for events and his abilities as an event music composer. His work and his capacity to collaborate with various brands and projects have solidified his reputation as a skilled and imaginative composer.

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