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WithFeeling was overjoyed by the prospect of collaborating on a major UK television campaign for GAME, a household name in the video game industry. GAME’s new strategy is to become the go-to destination for fun activities for the whole family, so the company collaborated with independent media agency The Specialist Works and creative studio What’s Possible to launch the “Never Grow Up!” campaign, which aimed to encourage people of all ages to embrace their silly side and never grow up. The campaign also reflected GAME’s expansion of its product selection to include toys, board games, technology, collectables, and more.

The Specialist Works contracted us, a music and sonic branding company, to compose and produce an upbeat and joyful score and sound design that would reflect positively on the GAME brand and its mission. For the brand films and the campaign as a whole, our creative team and composers collaborated closely with the rest of the campaign team to compose an original score.

The upbeat and catchy music that was carefully curated for the promotion, had a significant impact in attracting and captivating audiences of all ages. The musical selection was instrumental in bringing the campaign message to life and creating a memorable experience for listeners, it was a vital ingredient in the recipe for the campaign’s success. Timed to coincide with people’s interest in holiday shopping, the campaign’s first 30-second advertisements debuted on BVOD on November 4 and the first 60-second spots debuted on linear TV on December 1. The campaign was planned to run until the day before Christmas and included social and digital activities on YouTube, TikTok, and social media platforms.

Massive UK TV Campaign

The opportunity to work on such a massive UK TV campaign was thrilling for us at WithFeeling, and we loved seeing our efforts come to life on screen. We put a lot of thought and imagination into coming up with a score that would complement the ad’s tone and the GAME UK brand. The final product was an upbeat and catchy score that would undoubtedly increase the enjoyment the intended audience experienced.

It was obvious that everyone was working together to achieve a similar goal. What’s Possible Creative Studio wowed us with their fresh ideas, and The Specialist Works astonished us with their in-depth knowledge of our demographic and expert media strategy.

More to come!

As a team, we are thrilled to have contributed to a campaign for GAME UK that was so successful with its intended demographic; we hope to have more opportunities to do so in the future. As a music and sonic branding company in Dubai, we’re proud to have played a part in the campaign’s success. We plan to use our talents to assist other companies in giving their customers a more immersive and emotionally impactful marketing experience.

Brands must differentiate themselves from the competition and leave a lasting impression on their target audience to succeed in the fiercely competitive world of advertising. A brand can become more relatable and appealing by using the strong emotional connections that music can forge with customers. A great example of how the right music can enhance a brand’s message and give viewers a fun and engaging experience is the success of the “Never Grow Up!” campaign for GAME UK.

At WithFeeling, we recognise how critical it is to produce original musical compositions and soundscapes that faithfully convey a company’s identity and mission. Our award-winning sound design and composition team collaborates closely with clients to create custom sonic branding solutions that encapsulate their brand’s essence and connect with their target market.

The “Never Grow Up!” campaign’s success is proof of the effectiveness of music in advertising and the value of cross-team collaboration. We are ecstatic to have contributed to this project and are looking forward to working on additional campaigns that excite and delight customers.

If you’re interested in using music and sound design to strengthen your brand’s identity and messaging, get in touch with us at WithFeeling to find out more about our services and how we can support you in developing a more engaging and effective marketing campaign.

A special mention should also go to Jenay Faith, a talented young voice artist who contributed her voice to the campaign and helped make the message more compelling. We were thrilled to have her on board because her young, fresh voice complemented the campaign’s lighthearted and playful tone perfectly. Working with such talented people as Jenay is always enjoyable and helps the finished product succeed.


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