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Sound Design UK.

WithFeeling loves Christmas, so we’re delighted to be working on a big UK project with sound design and music composition. Here’s something we did last year for Festive Studio, a film you could instantly customise with your kid’s name (spoken by Santa), photo, location, and even photos of the presents your kid wanted… only 146 days to go!

Sound Design UK

With Feeling is a team of award-winning composers with a track record of creating original music compositions across multiple styles and genres. We have built a wide network of international musicians, composers and sound designers with whom we regularly collaborate with.

“Look! There’s a video coming through from The North Pole! Join Santa (or Father Christmas) and his Elves as they get ready on Christmas Eve.

They will be ‘teleported’ to the North Pole and meet REAL Elves.

Watch as they are amazed when Santa (or Father Christmas) appears on the screen, says their name and knows what they would like for Christmas. They will be shown their name on the “Nice List” and congratulated for their good behaviour. After a tour around the Grotto, they are told to go to bed nice early as he departs en route to their home.”

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Chris Atkins
A Co-Founder and Managing Director of WithFeeling, Chris is an all-around creative, experienced senior music producer and award-winning multi-media specialist with twenty years of experience. Chris has a background in music strategy, consultancy, music production and talent management for leading brands, including BBC World Service and Expo 2020 Dubai.
In his role at Expo 2020 Dubai, Chris led the creation of the Official Theme Song “This is Our Time” while also producing Expo 2020’s sonic branding and identity. Chris led the design and production of the audio strategy that delighted visitors for six months through the soundscapes across all public spaces and was responsible for the audio and media production for many bespoke events, conferences as well as exhibitions spaces. In his multimedia production role, Chris also led a team of Animators and Designers who created thousands of pieces of content displayed on the 500 screens every day for six months.

In his career, Chris has worked across multiple aspects of music and sound production, including sound design uk and Foley recording on thousands of commercials and films in different languages, with many winning regional and international awards.

Chris was recently awarded the UAE Golden Visa for his creative work spanning over 17 years in Dubai, during which he has developed a keen interest on the sounds of the region and built an extensive network of talents in the music and cultural industries.