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WithFeeling and Playtronica's Collaboration. We're thrilled to share an exciting project we recently embarked on in anticipation of the upcoming National Eat More Fruit and Veg Day this Sunday. We got creative with our "5 A Day" in a uniquely WithFeeling way – through sound!

Thanks to Playtron by Playtronica, an innovative community and start-up that blends art, engineering, and music, we were able to transform everyday fruits and vegetables into musical instruments. Playtronica's Playtron device allows you to play on any object that conducts electricity, just like a piano keyboard. Imagine playing a melody on an apple or a drum beat on a courgette!

If you've got an audio branding project that needs a fresh and fruity twist, we'd love to sink our teeth into it. Don't hesitate to get in touch at

And, just for fun – @harrystyles, if you fancy a collab, we've got a couple of radishes with your name on them. Let's create some 'Watermelon Sugar' vibes!

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Playtronica is both a community and a start-up. They're a collective of artists and engineers from around the globe who create everything from devices to interactive events and installations. Their story began in 2013 with music workshops for children and performances at music and science festivals. In 2016, they released the Playtron device, and in 2018, the TouchMe device, which allows you to play music on skin. Now, they have offices in Berlin and Paris.

Inspired by the WithFeeling Playtronica collaboration? Want to learn more about the devices that made our fruity music possible? Check out Playtronica's quick explainers about their innovative creations.

Our collaboration with Playtronica not only introduced us to their fascinating audio hardware, but also allowed us to delve into their impressive portfolio of installations. Playtronica's innovative work has been showcased across the globe, from the prestigious Centre Pompidou in Paris to the forward-thinking Exploratorium in San Francisco. These installations beautifully capture their unique blend of art, engineering, and music, making them a truly inspiring partner for our recent project.

Furthermore, Playtronica's impressive track record extends to working with world-renowned brands on engagement and interaction projects, including Nike, Boeing, Mercedes Benz, Google, and Ikea, to name a few.

Their commitment to creating interactive experiences that blur the line between art and technology resonates with our ethos at WithFeeling, making this collaboration thrilling. Interested in how our collaboration with Playtronica can benefit your brand? Reach out to us at and let's create something unique together.