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We’re thrilled to share our recent collaboration with Deja Vu and Serviceplan Group Middle East, where we had the honor of providing sound design, cleaning up dialogue, and mixing all the films for the “Experience Abu Dhabi” “One Summer Isn’t Enough” campaign.

A big shoutout to our partners at Deja Vu and Serviceplan Group Middle East for their incredible work on this project and the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) for helping showcase the wonders of this amazing destination.

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As a sonic branding music agency, we recently had the pleasure of creating the sound design, cleaning up dialogue, and mixing all the films for “Experience Abu Dhabi,” a series of 25 stories capturing the heart and soul of this incredible destination in collaboration with Deja Vu and Serviceplan Group Middle East.

To ensure the campaign resonated with the top tourism sectors in Abu Dhabi, the films were customized to feature different characters from China, the UK, the Gulf, and India, truly capturing the diverse and international appeal of this vibrant city.

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Experience the magic of Abu Dhabi this summer, and you’ll be counting the days until your return because, One Summer Isn’t Enough.

More about WithFeeling

🎵 Unlock Your Brand’s Potential with the Power of Sonic Branding 🎵 My goal in my role as Managing Director of WithFeeling is to assist brands in utilising the enormous potential of sonic branding to create unforgettable experiences and strengthen relationships with their audiences. Science demonstrates the value of sound in branding; now is the time to take advantage of it!

🧠 The Sound Science: Research has demonstrated that music and sound can provoke powerful emotions, ignite memories, and sway decision-making. Utilizing the science of sound enables your brand to leave a lasting mark on your audience’s minds.

🔊 Beyond the Logo: Beyond a memorable logo, an effective sonic branding strategy includes other elements. Consider musical genres, soundscapes, and various audio elements to create an engaging and cohesive brand experience based on scientific principles.

⚖️ Shifting the Paradigm: In numerous agencies, sound is frequently considered secondary to visuals, leading to sonic branding being undervalued. Our aim is to persuade clients and agencies to acknowledge the equal significance of sound and visual elements in crafting a genuinely impactful brand experience.

🌟 Experience Counts: WithFeeling has extensive knowledge of the science behind sonic branding as well as years of experience in the field. We’re committed to working closely with clients and advertising agencies to create impactful audio experiences that emotionally connect with listeners.