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Celebrating Harry Potter Day with WithFeeling: A Magical Rendition of Hedwig’s Theme

Every year on May 2, people celebrate Harry Potter Day to remember the Battle of Hogwarts and J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world. On this special day, fans all over the world reread their favourite book series, watch the movies, and do other magical things. This year, Joe, WithFeeling’s resident musical wizard, decided to honour Harry Potter Day by recreating Hedwig’s Theme by John Williams using a brand new virtual instrument called the Intimate Legato Cello, which was made by our friends at Sonixinema. Let’s talk about the magic of Harry Potter Day, John Williams’s amazing music, and Sonixinema’s innovative work with virtual instruments.

celebrating harry potter day

The Day of the Magic of Harry Potter

Harry Potter Day gives fans a chance to get lost in the magical world of Hogwarts, reliving their favourite moments and talking about how much they love the series with other fans. It is a day that shows how J.K. Rowling’s books and films have changed the lives of millions of people and inspired generations of readers and moviegoers. On Harry Potter Day, there are things like book readings, movie marathons, cosplay gatherings, and parties with a magical theme. All of these things are meant to keep the spirit of the wizarding world alive.

Hedwig’s Theme Was Written by John Williams, a Musical Genius

John Williams, a famous composer who has written music for many famous films, wrote the haunting Hedwig’s Theme for the Harry Potter films. Fans have come to associate the hauntingly beautiful melody with the magical world of Harry Potter, and it still makes them feel a sense of awe and magic. Williams’ music has been a big part of what makes the series what it is and how the audience feels about it. This shows how powerful music and sound can be in telling a story.

Sonixinema: A Virtual Instruments Pioneer

Sonixinema is a top company that makes virtual instruments and sample libraries. Its new and high-quality products have been making waves in the music industry. Their newest product, the Intimate Legato Cello, gives musicians and composers a great way to make emotional and realistic cello performances. Sonixinema has made a versatile instrument that can improve any music production or film score. It does this by capturing the rich nuances and unique qualities of a real cello.

WithFeeling’s Tribute: Hedwig’s Theme Done in a Magical Way

To celebrate Harry Potter Day, Joe, the musical wizard at WithFeeling, used Sonixinema’s Intimate Legato Cello to make a beautiful new version of John Williams’ Hedwig’s Theme. This captivating version not only pays homage to the magical world of Harry Potter, but it also shows how amazing virtual instruments can be when it comes to sonic branding and making music.

Emotional Connections

As we celebrate Harry Potter Day and enjoy the magic of John Williams’ music, let’s also remember how powerful sound and music are when it comes to making emotional connections that last. Audio branding can make a strong connection with an audience, whether it’s a well-known film score or a catchy sound logo. WithFeeling is the best sonic branding agency to go to if you want to use the power of sound to promote your brand. Reach out to us at, and let’s make something magical together.

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