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Unveiling the sonic magic at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

We at WithFeeling are truly honoured to have had the opportunity to create the sonic branding for SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, the region’s first marine life theme park.

Our mission was to develop a memorable and meaningful audio experience that embodies the park’s core principles of exploration, discovery, and learning. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting vocalisations of marine life and the rhythmic ebb and flow of the ocean, we employed cutting-edge technology and natural elements like seashell percussion to craft a unique and engaging sonic identity.

We are delighted to have collaborated with the talented video production company, Deja Vu, on the pre-launch film, which features our original music. This film offers a glimpse of the wonders that await at Sea World Abu Dhabi, and the dynamic visuals perfectly complement our sonic creations, resulting in a harmonious and immersive experience.

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such an incredible project and are thrilled to see that the film has garnered over half a million views in just two days. As we eagerly await the grand opening on 23rd May, we invite you to explore the magical world of Sea World Abu Dhabi through the immersive and enchanting sonic branding of WithFeeling. There’s always more to sea!

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With an award-winning team of composers and sound designers boasting over 20 years of experience in the MENA region, WithFeeling is well-equipped to create tailored audio solutions that captivate your audience and resonate with your brand values. From original music compositions to immersive soundscapes, their expertise ensures an unforgettable sonic experience that sets you apart.

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