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We're delighted to share that WithFeeling's work in audio strategy has been recognised in the esteemed May 2023 edition of Campaign Magazine's Audio and Radio Guide. Our Co-Founders, Chris Atkins and Joe Dickinson, shared valuable insights on the increasingly significant role of sonic branding, particularly in the context of platforms like TikTok.

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Understanding Sonic Branding:

The article, aptly titled 'SONIC BRANDING IN THE AGE OF TIKTOK,' explores the increasingly recognised role of sound in creating memorable brand experiences - a philosophy we deeply believe in at WithFeeling. Sonic branding involves the use of audio elements like music, jingles, and sonic logos to establish a unique brand identity. As Joe Dickinson explains, a well-crafted sonic brand can help a brand distinguish itself and cultivate a powerful emotional connection with consumers.

WithFeeling - Campaign Magazine

The Potential of Sonic Logos:

A well-constructed sonic logo can create strong associations with the brand, and trigger emotions in consumers. This strategy proves particularly effective in our media-saturated world, where consumers are constantly exposed to a barrage of advertisements and content.

Exploring Audio Opportunities:

The article raises the point that brands often overlook a variety of audio opportunities that could enhance their brand presence and create a more immersive experience for their consumers. Chris Atkins highlighted that unconventional audio opportunities exist for brands across various platforms like apps, payment portals, store background music, and product sounds on devices, among others.

Harnessing the Power of TikTok:

The rise of TikTok has led brands to reevaluate their approach to audio, resulting in the development of unique music and sound strategies. Brands are increasingly recognising the platform's emphasis on sound, and carefully crafting their sonic identities to capture users' attention and optimise the platform's suitability for sonic branding and audio advertising.

Our Work with Expo 2020:

A notable instance of our work in sonic branding was for Expo 2020. We had the privilege of shaping the overall audio strategy for the event, including the composition of Expo 2020 Dubai’s theme song on TikTok, ‘This Is Our Time.’ The song aligned perfectly with Expo's brand values and resonated with a diverse audience. Furthermore, we created a sonic logo from the theme song, which Expo City Dubai continues to use, enhancing Expo's brand identity and message.

Staying Relevant:

To maintain relevance on platforms like TikTok, we advocate for the creation of distinctive sonic logos and the adoption of interactive approaches that enable users to engage with a brand's sonic identity. We adapt our sonic branding strategies to fit the unique nature of each platform, and keep our clients updated on the latest trends to help them effectively engage with users, raise awareness, and enhance their brand perception.

WithFeeling - Campaign Magazine

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The recognition of sound's importance in marketing campaigns is growing globally. Sonic branding, once a niche concept, has emerged as a powerful tool in a brand's toolkit. As part of this ongoing sonic revolution, we at WithFeeling are committed to pushing the boundaries of audio strategy and look forward to continuing to innovate in this exciting field.

Interested in crafting a robust audio strategy for your brand? Whether you're eager to explore audio opportunities or create a unique sonic logo, we're here to help. Contact us today and let us shape your brand's voice in this sound-on era. Together, let's create memorable brand experiences that resonate with your audience.