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Celebrating a New Era with Galadari Brothers and WithFeeling

Galadari Brothers has always pioneered growth, growing brands, divisions, and communities.  

Their new logo, visual identity, commitments, and brand positioning are designed to propel Galadari to even greater heights. Galadari Inspiring Pioneers

Under the visionary leadership of Co-Chairman and GCEO Mohammed Galadari, the conglomerate is entering a new era of innovation and growth. This transformation is creatively guided by GCMO Armand Andrea, who successfully led the rebranding project. Galadari Inspiring Pioneers.

A key component of this rebranding involved the creation of a new sonic identity by WithFeeling. Specialising in original music composition, strategic sonic branding, and creating compelling soundscapes, WithFeeling aims to forge deeper connections between people and organisations.

“Sound, for us, is not just a medium but a vibrant language for storytelling, a powerful tool that triggers emotions and drives business growth. We're passionate about creating resonated sensory experiences, using brand voices and innovative sound design to leave a lasting impact.”

Chris Atkins, Managing Director, WithFeeling.

Galadari wanted to create inspiring brand tracks for their corporate films, with grandeur and an epic feel, while also reflecting the warm personality of the brand. WithFeeling chose an orchestral arrangement with modern synth elements to bring it to the present day.

“The four-note sonic logo, mirroring the four syllables of 'Galadari,' serves as a concise, memorable auditory signature that encapsulates their identity."

Joe Dickinson, Chief Music Officer, WithFeeling.

Many versions were produced until both Galadari’s and WithFeeling’s exacting standards were met to create a sonic identity that stands head and shoulders above everything in the audio field. It is instantly recognizable, dramatic in its simplicity, and memorable in its execution.

“I am incredibly proud of the look and feel of our new brand, and now the sound too, which is just as

important. We're celebrating a momentous occasion with the launch of the revamped Galadari brand, and the creation of a distinctive audio signature for the first time. We look forward to working with the team to explore ways to build on the sonic identity for other organizational touchpoints. Moving forward, we are confident our music tracks will forge an instant connection with Galadari."

Armand Andrea, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Galadari Brothers.

Amplifying Brand Identity: The Expanding Role of Sonic Branding in B2B Marketing

In the realm of B2B marketing, assets like visual logos, taglines, and digital content have long been recognised as essential for building brand identity and differentiation. However, sonic branding is increasingly being seen as equally important. Just as a visual logo creates instant recognition and a tagline encapsulates brand values, a well-crafted sonic identity serves as a powerful auditory signature that reinforces a brand’s presence. It adds a new dimension to brand storytelling, making marketing campaigns more memorable and engaging.

The increasing number of touchpoints where sonic branding can be utilised amplifies its impact. From corporate videos and presentations to webinars and virtual meetings, a consistent audio signature can enhance professionalism and brand consistency. In trade shows and exhibitions, sound can create an immersive experience, drawing in potential clients and partners. Even in everyday interactions such as phone systems, hold music, and email notifications, a distinctive sonic logo ensures that the brand remains top-of-mind.

Additionally, the rise of digital platforms and social media offers new avenues for sonic branding. Podcasts, branded playlists, and audio ads on platforms like Spotify and YouTube provide opportunities to integrate sound into the brand’s digital strategy. Customised audio for mobile apps and websites can also create a seamless user experience, reinforcing the brand identity at every interaction.

This multi-sensory approach not only strengthens brand recall but also fosters deeper emotional connections, driving loyalty and business growth in a competitive market. By integrating sound into these varied touchpoints, businesses can create a cohesive and immersive brand environment that resonates powerfully with clients and partners.

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