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Audio branding, a sound strategy that fuels business growth.

We all respond to sound and rhythm, from our earliest heartbeats to the most complex compositions.

Music and sounds conjure up feelings, memories and emotions, and we will use their elemental power on your behalf. We’ll create the sound of your brand.

At WithFeeling, we’re great believers in ‘once heard, never forgotten’.

Ready to hit the high notes? Get in contact and let’s collaborate and amplify your brand. Our Audio Branding work

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Sonic branding plays a key role in capturing listeners’ attention wherever they encounter it: from films, TV and radio to podcasts; from presentations and retail stores to exhibitions and even a walk through outdoor public spaces.

audio branding

We create audio and sonic identities that best reflect and amplify your values.

Do you have a sonic signature? Unfortunately, most brands today don’t. Or, if they do, it’s limited, such as a jingle for radio ads or TV commercials. While there is no question that a logo or colour scheme is essential to a brand, audio branding is often overlooked.

Some brands have developed strong associations with their sonic brand. United Airlines, which has played George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue since 1980. The iconic piece has been arranged in television commercials to relate to destinations or other themes. At O’Hare airport, they even play in a psychedelic tunnel connecting their terminals. Decades of repetition have created a memorable association.

What are audio logos?

An audio logo is often a three- to five-second-long sound, effect, brief music clip, musical riff, or voiceover. An audio logo is an essential component of the sound branding of a brand. It must be quick, simple, and easy to recall, and it can be instrumental, sung, or spoken.

Brands need their own unique audio logo to establish their identity and credibility. Branding a product or service includes the logo, the slogan, the communication messages, and even an audio logo, just as these elements play a significant role in marketing.

So whats next?

A sonic signature or audio logo can be a powerful way to build brand recognition and credibility. Logos and colour schemes are important parts of branding, but audio branding is often overlooked. But some brands, like United Airlines, have become strongly linked to their sound signatures, like when they use George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.” An audio logo is a short sound, effect, music clip, or voiceover that is an important part of how a brand sounds. It should be short, simple, and easy to remember. It can be sung, played on an instrument, or said. Having a unique audio logo helps a brand stand out and gives their marketing efforts another dimension.

At WithFeeling, we are experts at making audio logos and sonic signatures that represent our clients’ unique ideas and goals. We would love to help you build a strong audio brand for your business. Contact us at to find out more about how music can help us bring your ideas to life. Let us help you make an audio logo for your brand that will make it stand out and stay in people’s minds.