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Dubai is full of beautiful buildings, luxurious peaks, and new ways of doing things. At the centre of this urban soundscape, sonic branding tells a strong story that is often missed. WithFeeling is the best sonic branding agency in Dubai. It creates captivating audio signatures that capture the soul of the metropolis. Let’s look at the poetic connection between architecture and sonic branding in Dubai and celebrate WithFeeling’s skill at making different cultural elements work together.

The Melody of Sonic Branding:

Branding with sound is more than just jingles and catchy songs. It makes audio signatures that capture the essence of a brand or place and make people feel something. WithFeeling knows that sound has the power to bring people together, tell stories, and make people feel things.

Orchestrating Dubai’s Sound:

WithFeeling’s talented composers shape Dubai’s unique soundscape through their renowned musical creations:

Expo 2020 Dubai: WithFeeling composed the stunning “This is Our Time,” performed by Emirati virtuoso Hussain Al Jassmi. They also developed seamless arrangements and soundscapes for the event.

Mohamed bin Rashid Library: WithFeeling crafted the inspiring ‘Dare To Dream,’ blending the library’s essence with rich Arabic heritage. They also composed additional tracks for various library programs and events.

Dubai World Cup: WithFeeling designed “Dubai Millennium” for the Dubai Racing Club, merging horse racing excitement with thunderous drumbeats, traditional Arabic instrument melodies, and sweeping orchestrations.

Islamic Arts Biennale: The agency’s “Awwal Bait” is a culturally sensitive piece celebrating the House of Allah’s cultural and artistic accomplishments through traditional instruments like the oud and ney.

Sonic Branding in Dubai – Reach out today!

Sonic branding makes identities that people remember, and WithFeeling does a great job in the architectural landscape of Dubai. The agency creates the unique sound of the city by interpreting regional cultural nuances in a skilled way. So, if the skyline of Dubai makes you feel like you can’t breathe, stop and let your soul be carried away by the beautiful symphony that captures the essence of the city. It shows how good WithFeeling is as an artist and how important sonic branding is in Dubai. Reach out!