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Discover the Power of Sound with the Leading Sonic Branding Studio Based in Dubai

In today’s market, which is getting more and more competitive, it is important for brands to stand out and leave a lasting impression on their target audience. One of the best ways to do this is with sonic branding, which is a unique and powerful tool that can make people feel strong emotions and give them an experience they won’t forget. WithFeeling is a leading sonic branding studio based in Dubai. Its speciality is making memorable soundscapes that make people feel something and help brands build strong connections with their audiences. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how important sonic branding is and how our team of experts at WithFeeling can help your brand reach new heights.

The Power of Sonic Branding:

Sonic branding is the process of giving a brand, event, or organisation a sound that is unique and easy to remember. This can include things like brand voices, original music, soundscapes, and sound design. When done right, sonic branding can become an important part of your brand’s identity, creating an emotional connection with your audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Why Choose a Sonic Branding Studio Based in Dubai?

As a sonic branding studio based in Dubai, WithFeeling offers several advantages for businesses and organisations looking to enhance their brand identity:

  1. Cultural Understanding: Our team of experts has extensive experience in the MENA region, allowing us to create soundscapes that resonate with local and regional audiences while staying true to your brand’s core values.
  2. Award-Winning Team: WithFeeling’s team of composers and sound designers have a proven track record of creating original music compositions across multiple styles and genres, earning us numerous awards and accolades in the process.
  3. Tailored Solutions: We believe that every brand has a unique story to tell, and our ‘identity-first’ approach ensures that the sounds we create are tailored to your brand’s soul, capturing its essence and conveying its message effectively.

Our Sonic Branding Success Stories:

WithFeeling has had the privilege of working with some of the most prestigious brands and events in the UAE and beyond. Here are a few highlights from our portfolio:

  1. EXPO 2020 Dubai: We crafted the original theme song ‘This is Our Time,’ performed by Emirati star Hussain Al Jassmi, and led the complete sound strategy for the event.
  2. Islamic Arts Biennale: Our team composed the original soundtrack ‘Awwal Bait,’ using traditional instruments to create a culturally authentic and respectful sonic signature for the event.
  3. Mohamed bin Rashid Library: We created the Sonic Identity ‘Dare to Dream,’ capturing the library’s passion, imagination, and proud Arabic heritage in an inspiring and magical track.
WithFeeling Sonic Branding Reel

So what now?:

In a world where brands are always trying to get people’s attention, sonic branding is a powerful way to stand out and connect with your audience on an emotional level. As a leading sonic branding studio based in Dubai, WithFeeling has the knowledge, passion, and creativity to help you create the perfect sound identity for your brand. Contact us today to find out how we can use the power of sound to bring your brand’s story to life. Contact us at and let’s start making sound experiences that people will remember.