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Mohammed bin Rashid Library, Sonic Branding, Original Music Compositions, Sound Design, Brand Voices and Audio Post-Production.

'Dare To Dream' was developed to embody the spirit, creativity, and significance of MBRL while also paying tribute to the rich Arabic history to which they owe so much.

Built in the shape of a rehl, the traditional wooden book rest used to hold the Quran, the iconic library building overlooks Dubai Creek.

Working on the "Dare to Dream" sonic identity project with Amal Hashim Malik Alblooshi and the amazing staff at MBRL (Mohammed bin Rashid Library) was an absolute pleasure for us at WithFeeling. Amal's love of music and sound, combined with the team's comprehensive knowledge of sonic branding, made them the ideal business partners. It was obvious that they cared deeply about developing a sonic identity that perfectly embodied the spirit and creativity of MBRL while paying homage to the rich Arabic history. Their invaluable input and feedback throughout the project were truly invaluable. To give MBRL the ideal soundtrack for any occasion, we collaborated to create a wide range of "Dare to Dream" sonic identity versions, including corporate, gala dinner, orchestral, kids', and Ramadan versions. We are incredibly appreciative of the chance to collaborate with Amal and the entire MBRL team and look forward to making many more life-changing sonic experiences as a team in the future.

MBRL – Main Sonic Identity

MBRL – Main Sonic Identity

MBRL – Kids Version

MBRL – Kids Version

MBRL – Corporate Version 1

MBRL – Corporate Version 1

MBRL – Corporate Version 2

MBRL – Corporate Version 2

MBRL – Ramadan Version 2

MBRL – Ramadan Version 2

MBRL Main Orchestral Sonic

MBRL Main Orchestral Sonic

MBRL – Gala Dinner Arrangement

MBRL – Gala Dinner Arrangement

Our brief was to create an iconic sonic identity which aligned with the library's core values of being Passionate, Imaginative, Impactful, Inspiring, Magical and Creative.


The six-note hook from the main theme was used to create a distinctive sound that uniquely defined MBRL and immediately differentiated it as a brand.

Main Theme
Thematic Variations
Sonic Logo Variations

The 'Dare to Dream' instrumental embodies the spirit, creativity, and significance of The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library while also paying tribute to the rich Arabic history.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library - Composed Thematic Variations

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library - MBRL

Without sound, no experience is complete. We create original music to enrich all types of physical and digital content and experiences.

Dr Federica Busa

We're excited to share the "Dare to Dream" sonic identity, which we recently completed for Mohammed Bin Rashid Library (MBRL). We at WithFeeling are thrilled to share this most recent creation with you because we firmly believe that music has the power to bring brands to life. The "Dare to Dream" instrumental pays homage to the rich Arabic history that has influenced the library's mission and values while also capturing the spirit, creativity, and significance of MBRL. You will be taken to a world of limitless opportunity and discovery as you lose yourself in the mesmerising melody.

A WithFeeling favourite is the children's adaptation of the "Dare to Dream". We wanted to make a version that would particularly speak to younger audiences because we recognize how important it is to engage them.

The instrumental's original composition was in a minor key, which is only sometimes appropriate for material geared toward kids. We created a major version with a more playful and upbeat sound to make it more appealing to young ears. To add to the piece's playful and lively feel, we also made a double-time version of the arrangement.

We are incredibly appreciative of the opportunity to have worked with MBRL on this project, and we hope you will share our appreciation for the transformative power of sound. Powerful emotions, lasting memories, and brand identity can all be strengthened by the right music. If you want to elevate your brand, we would love to collaborate with you to design a unique sonic identity that perfectly captures the essence of your company.

We highly recommend a visit to the library!

The General Library, Young Adult Library, Children's Library, Information Centre, Map and Atlas Library, Media and Arts Library, Business Library, Emirates Library, Periodicals Library, and a Special Collections Library are the ten main library collections that make up the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library. The library provides access to a huge selection of ebooks and other digital media in addition to its physical collections.

Our award-winning team is passionate about bringing to life sensory-led experiences for business, events and physical spaces using brand voices, original music compositions and sound design.
We believe that sound is another language to tell a story; another medium to paint a space; another tool to connect people, immerse them in your story and vibrate with their emotions.

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