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Expo City Dubai has a new look but retains a familiar voice for all visitors to the mega event.

WithFeeling is delighted to announce that it will now exclusively represent one of the UAE’s most sought-after voiceovers and influencers  -  Safia Al Shehi, the award-winning Emirati TV presenter, moderator, writer, voiceover artist and MC for both private and government events. 

Expo City Dubai

Perhaps best known as the Official Voiceover for Expo 2020 Dubai and now the Official Voiceover of Expo City Dubai, Safia is already an Advisor for WithFeeling, and this new move further strengthens her involvement with the innovative sound and music company.

For the past eighteen years, she has been the voice of many international and local forums, conferences, symposia and seminars spanning diverse fields including Culture, Economy and Social Affairs.

Safia has also published three books: Post Media Reflections – Reading in the Media Scene; Behind the Microphone; and Open Spirit – Literary Readings. In addition to her contribution to media studies, she has written two children’s books: The Golden Bird and Maha and the Paper.

Safia said  - “I’m a busy working mother and constantly on the go, It really helps my voiceover work that I’m exclusively represented by WithFeeling. They take care of everything, from booking and schedules to organising quotes, invoices, payments and so on -  all I have to do is step into the studio, focus and read WithFeeling!. The studios I work with further benefit as they are updated with my new voiceover reels on a regular basis, to help them in their own voice casting work with their clients. We all win, thanks to WithFeeling. I encourage more voiceovers to follow suit.”

Studios and agencies can rest assured that it will not mean any increase in Safia's rates, and in fact, clients will benefit from one-step booking that can ensure that Safia's busy schedule can be organized to the best advantage of all concerned.

To book Safia for your next project please reach out to

Brand Voices

expo city dubai
Brand voice is your brand's personality; the unique way you present to the world. It must run consistently through all your communications (social media, website, blog posts, emails, advertisements) no matter which teams are handling which channels, and it mustn't change.

WithFeeling proudly announces the exclusive representation of Safia Al Shehi, a well-known Emirati TV presenter, moderator, writer, voiceover artist, and MC. Expo City Dubai continues to enthral visitors with its recognisable and beloved voice. Safia, who is known as the Official Voiceover for Expo 2020 Dubai and is currently known as Expo City Dubai, has a substantial background in media and has lent her voice to numerous local and international events in a variety of fields.

Safia has written numerous books, making contributions to children's literature and media studies in addition to her impressive voiceover work. Along with streamlining her voiceover process, which benefits both Safia and the studios she works with, her partnership with WithFeeling highlights the value of having a strong brand voice.

In order to give your brand a distinctive and memorable personality, it is crucial to have a strong brand voice, like that of Expo City Dubai. It should permeate every aspect of communication, ensuring that the message of your brand is consistent and compelling across all platforms. WithFeeling assists brands in finding their ideal voice so that they can leave a lasting impression on their target audience by working with talented voiceover performers like Safia Al Shehi.

Contact for a smooth booking process and to use Safia's alluring voice in your upcoming project. Together, let's develop a distinctive and memorable brand voice that connects with your audience and makes sure your message is not only heard but also recalled.

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