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WithFeeling Co-Founder, Chris Atkins talks with Saeed Al Blooshi

Chris Atkins came to Dubai from the UK in 2004 and did not think he would stay there long.

But after meeting amazing people and experiencing the culture, he changed his mind and decided to stay! This is his story of how Dubai captured his heart and what it’s like to set up a business in the Middle East.

A Co-Founder and Managing Director of WithFeeling, Chris is an all-around creative, experienced senior music producer and award-winning multi-media specialist with twenty years of experience. Chris has a background in music strategy, consultancy, music production and talent management for leading brands, including BBC World Service and Expo 2020 Dubai. WithFeeling is his first business in Dubai. 

In his role at Expo 2020 Dubai, Chris led the creation of the Official Theme Song “This is Our Time”, while also producing Expo 2020’s sonic branding and identity. Chris led the design and production of the audio strategy that delighted visitors for six months through the soundscapes across all public spaces and was responsible for the audio and media production for many bespoke events, conferences, and exhibition spaces. In his multimedia production role, Chris also led a team of Animators and Designers who created thousands of pieces of content displayed on 500 screens every day for six months.

WithFeeling believes that the future of brands is through experiences that engage people beyond traditional storytelling and product advertising. It uses sound as a powerful language to tell a story and to design spaces that build memorable connections between people and brands.

The team is looking to build on the learnings from Expo 2020 Dubai and continue to paint other amazing spaces with great audio and sound, original compositions and exciting sonic identities worldwide.