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WithFeeling brings an immersive aural experience to the Subaru 2023 TVC with our inimitable original music and sound design. As experts in creating resonating soundscapes, we've amplified the essence of Subaru, crafting sounds as diverse and adventurous as the vehicles themselves.

The process of creating the original music and sound design for the Subaru 2023 TVC was no small feat. Our international team, headquartered in Dubai with composers around the world, worked closely with BTV.UK to achieve this unique auditory journey. Incorporating the on-set recordings captured by Craig Barlow, we breathed new life into the raw sounds, transforming them into powerful auditory experiences that resonate with Subaru's promise – Better Where It Matters.

The sound design for the Subaru 2023 TVC was a nuanced process, meticulously matching the shifting terrain that Subaru's full line-up of 2023 models navigate. This includes an exciting new addition – the all-new Subaru Solterra.

Discover Subaru's first all-electric SUV, built on their first ever all-electric architecture—the Subaru e-Global Platform. Named by combining the Latin words for ‘sun’ and ‘earth’, Solterra represents a new dawn for Subaru. The sound design had to mirror this innovation, creating a sonic narrative as groundbreaking as the vehicle itself. From the powerful hum of the 100% electric dual motor, which could be likened to a spaceship taking off, to the crunch of tyres on a dirt track, every sound was carefully crafted to enhance the visual narrative.

With Subaru’s core technology, dual motors and its trusted Permanent All-Wheel Drive System, Solterra offers outstanding driving performance, underscored by the original music and sound design by WithFeeling. Mirroring the same 5-star safety, go-anywhere capability and ever-dependable, rugged reliability that all Subaru SUVs are renowned for, the sound design tells a story of innovation and adventure. The high ground clearance of 210mm, quick 30-minute fast charge, and a range up to 288 miles (WLTP Combined), are all brought to life through our tailored sound design.

With the original music, we've strived to mirror Subaru's commitment to build vehicles that are better where it matters. Each note underlines the versatility and capability of Subaru vehicles – whether on or off-road, whatever the conditions. Complemented by the iconic voice of Richard Dormer, the original music and sound design synergise to underscore Subaru's promise to its customers.

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Discover more about our original music and sound design process for the Subaru 2023 TVC and how WithFeeling continues to create immersive, unforgettable auditory experiences for brands worldwide.

Subaru (UK) Ltd Launches All Wheel Drive, All the Time Campaign

Subaru (UK) Ltd, which is part of the IM Group, has launched a new campaign ‘All-Wheel Drive, All the Time’ to promote the fact it is the only car manufacturer to offer permanent all-wheel drive as standard, on all of its cars.

The half a million-pound campaign, which is aimed at targeting discerning customers, will see a 10 and 30 second TV advert focusing on the safety and performance of its petrol, hybrid and electric SUVs which are all-wheel drive. The ads will be broadcast across Sky Adsmart and Sky Advance, and radio, including Classic FM, LBC, Magic Network, Planet Rock and Virgin Network, as well as digital audio including Spotify and Alexa Skills Say It Now, where people will be able to download a brochure and book test drives direct from the website.

The ads will launch in July and run until August. The voice over is by Northern Irish actor, playwright and screenwriter, Richard Dormer who is known for his roles in Games of Thrones, Fortitude and more recently Blue Lights on BBC1.

Subaru worked with BTV.UK, to create the TV ads and voiceover, GoodStuff for media buying,  WithFeeling for Original Music & Sound Design, Trisonic for radio and the creative director was Scott Brazil from The Idea Foundry.

Pat Ryan, MD of Subaru UK and Ireland, commented: “We are a niche brand in the UK, often associated with rally and sport cars, which is what the brand was built on. We haven’t done any advertising since early 2020. Since then, we have moved on considerably with last year seeing the launch of our first all-electric SUV, the Solterra. Each of our cars has a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating, something we are very proud of, so we have shifted our focus on to the handling, safety and capability of our cars. All of our cars are permanent all-wheel drive as standard, unlike many other car manufacturers who charge extra for this modification, so it was important to showcase our automotive excellence.”

Lyndsey Flood, Head of Marketing at Subaru, commented: “Increasing brand awareness and attracting conquest customers is key for us to be able to continue building our profile in the UK. With so many people watching multiple screens and capturing content through different mediums, we knew we needed to use as many outlets as possible to promote our campaign.”

Jake Barrett, owner of BTV.UK and who has worked on projects for the likes of Isuzu and Mahindra, commented: “As a team with a huge passion for automotive, it’s been amazing to have been the video agency of choice on such a prolific campaign for Subaru, a hugely recognisable global brand. The brief was to capture the essence of the cars, tackling the terrain in their natural habitat. Therefore, it was essential to have the right music, voiceover and high-energy visuals that we could bring together to show this. So far, we have received fantastic feedback on the adverts, and we’re excited to see what this leads to for Subaru.” For further information on Subaru UK visit

BTV.UK, a Birmingham-based video production company, and WithFeeling, Dubai-based music and sonic branding agency, have forged a dynamic partnership, seamlessly blending visual and audio expertise to craft compelling narratives. Their collaboration has spanned numerous projects, the latest being a nationwide TV commercial for Subaru in the UK. BTV.UK's adeptness in film production and shooting, coupled with WithFeeling's prowess in music composition, sound design, and mixing, has resulted in a synergistic alliance. This partnership amplifies their strengths and propels them to new heights, as demonstrated by their work with high-profile clients like Subaru. Their ongoing collaboration signifies a commitment to delivering immersive, high-quality experiences that resonate with audiences across the UK.