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Creating the perfect music and sound for STC's Saudi Founding Day film was a journey of creativity and collaboration. WithFeeling teamed up with Wunderman Thompson and Deja Vu to bring this vision to life, blending traditional and futuristic elements into a memorable auditory experience.

The Heart of the Project

The core of this project was to connect Saudi Arabia's rich heritage with its innovative future through music and sound. Our task was to complement the film's narrative, which spanned from the kingdom's proud past to its ambitious future, with a soundscape that was as visually stunning as the scenes themselves. From the anticipation of future technologies to the natural beauty captured in Georgia, Eastern Europe, our auditory creations were designed to enhance every moment.

Crafting the Soundscape

The Challenge of Atmosphere

Our goal was to build a soundscape as vast and emotive as the film's storyline. The music featured powerful evolving synths, deep fizzy basses and interesting impactful orchestral elements, all timed to perfection with the visuals to evoke deep feelings. Sound design added depth to the scenes, enriching everything from futuristic hyperloop sounds to the realistic horse hooves kicking up sand.

Collaborative Efforts

Directed by Virgil Ferragut, with the creative vision of Wunderman Thompson and the cinematic craftsmanship of Deja Vu, we ensured our music and sound for STC's Saudi Founding Day film added the right atmosphere. Achieving this meant finding the perfect balance, ensuring every sound was distinctive yet harmonious, supporting the film's journey from the past to a future full of possibilities.

Narrating Through Sound

A significant aspect of our sound design was enhancing the film's script, voiced in both English and Arabic. This narrative guided viewers through Saudi Arabia's historical achievements and its futuristic aspirations. Our music and sound were there to reinforce this narrative, making its message resonate more powerfully with the audience.

Original Music & Sound Design Stem

Original Music Stem

Sound Design Stem


When we begin a project, we usually receive the film in an advanced offline stage or, if we are lucky, at the online stage. So It was an amazing insight to see this BTS from the production company in Georgia - + - We had to share the effort which these teams go through for their craft!

The Impact of Music and Sound

This project highlights the critical role of music and sound in storytelling. Our contributions helped create a film that not only commemorates Saudi Founding Day but also vividly shares the country's vision for the future, leaving a lasting impression on all who watch it.

Engaging the Audience

The outcome was a film that truly captivates, merging visuals and sound to tell a story of ambition, heritage, and progress. It's a showcase of how music and sound can deepen the impact of visual storytelling, making it more immersive and emotionally engaging.

Explore the Power of Sound with WithFeeling

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