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In the vibrant heart of Expo Doha, Qatar, the pavilion designed for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) by Simmetrico Network stands as a testament to the power of unity and the promise of a sustainable future. This architectural marvel, inspired by the stark contrasts of the desert's vastness and the oasis's lush reprieve, serves as a beacon of cultural significance, resilience, and forward-thinking.

The Essence of Life as a Design Principle

Water, the essence of life and a precious commodity in the arid desert, shapes the pavilion's concept, transforming the oasis into a metaphor for innovation, beauty, and sustainable growth. The design features six water streams that merge into a collective force, encircling a sphere that symbolizes the unified spirit and identity of the GCC nations. This design not only reflects the region's environmental challenges but also its commitment to overcoming them through collaboration and innovative solutions.

A Dialogue on Climate Adaptation

The pavilion invites visitors to engage in a dialogue on climate adaptation, showcasing how collective effort and innovative thinking can lead us toward a more sustainable and harmonious future. The architectural and scenographic project revolves around the characteristic elements of the region: the desert and the oasis. In this setting, water acts as a life-giving element, with the oasis serving as both inspiration and a cultural reference point for resilience, innovation, and sustainability.

The Role of Sonic Branding

At WithFeeling, we were honoured to design the comprehensive soundscape for the GCC Pavilion at Expo Doha, encapsulating both the interior and exterior of this architectural marvel. Our soundscape was a deliberate fusion of natural and cultural elements, seamlessly blending the tranquil sounds of water from mountain streams to coastal shores with the rich tones of traditional Gulf musical instruments, including the live oud. This choice not only enriched the auditory experience but also anchored the soundscape in the region's heritage.

Within the pavilion, we crafted a series of interconnected sonic environments, each designed to offer visitors a unique auditory experience that mirrored the Gulf's diverse natural and cultural landscapes. From serene water sounds to vibrant musical echoes, these environments were strategically segmented throughout the pavilion to enhance the narrative and visual storytelling presented on LED screens.

The main room featured an immersive auditory journey, dynamically evolving to complement the eye-catching animations on the LED screens. These animations included a falcon in flight, cascading waterfalls, and futuristic water elements, with our team meticulously working on both the score and sound effects to create a cohesive and engaging narrative. The inclusion of live oud in the score brought a sense of place and authenticity, deeply connecting the experience to the region.

Outside, we extended the auditory narrative to ensure a seamless transition between the pavilion's interior and exterior, reflecting the themes of unity and sustainability. This outdoor soundscape was carefully tailored to engage visitors from the moment they approached, inviting them into a story where every sound had a distinct purpose.

The journey through the pavilion culminated in an engaging, interactive game, integrating sound with interactive elements to leave a lasting impression of fun, wonder, and a deeper appreciation of the GCC's vision for the future.

Through our work, WithFeeling demonstrated that sound is a powerful medium for storytelling and engagement. By creating diverse sonic environments, complementing the visual content on screens with live music elements, and integrating sound with interactive experiences, we offered visitors a memorable journey that resonated deeply with the themes of unity, sustainability, and innovation that the GCC Pavilion represented.

Innovative Design Meets Sustainable Future

The GCC Pavilion at Expo Doha is more than just an architectural achievement; it is a symbol of how unity and shared vision can lead to innovative solutions for a better environment and a better life. By integrating elements of sonic branding and immersive soundscapes, we at WithFeeling aim to enhance the visitor experience, making it not only memorable but also deeply impactful.

As we look towards a future where sustainability and cultural identity go hand in hand, the GCC Pavilion stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration. It is a clear demonstration of how, through collaboration and innovative design, we can address the challenges of climate change and pave the way for a sustainable and united future.

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