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At WithFeeling, we recently had the privilege of working on a groundbreaking campaign for Sephora that seeks to redefine the conventional notions of beauty. The campaign, which highlights authentic and inspiring voices, encapsulates beauty as not merely an aesthetic quality but an embodiment of passion, strength, self-expression, and courage.

Beauty as a Symphony of Courage, Strength, and Power

Sephora's "Beauty is Courage... The courage to dream, the courage to be the first" mantra resonates deeply with our sonic branding strategy. We crafted soundscapes that are bold and pioneering, mirroring the courage of individuals like Bader Al Moulah, an aspiring Kuwaiti astronaut, whose definition of beauty is the audacity to follow one's dreams and carve a unique path.

Beauty is Strength… The strength to choose who you want to be. This message was brought to life through empowering and resilient sound designs that reflect the strength of personalities like Nour Alkhadra, a Saudi actress and writer, who defines beauty through her fearless pursuit of acting, challenging norms and excelling in multiple fields.

Beauty is Power… The power to empower. This concept was sonically represented through dynamic and inspiring mixes, echoing the powerful influence of figures like Zahra Lari, the UAE’s first international competitive figure skater and a five-time national champion. Zahra, who competes while wearing the hijab, defines beauty as the power to empower, a message we encapsulated through empowering beats and uplifting melodies.

Redefining Beauty with Every Note

Working alongside Sephora on this campaign allowed us to blend sonic elements that convey a message of empowerment and inspiration. Each sound and mix was carefully designed to match the spirit and achievements of individuals like Nora AlJabr, Saudi Arabia's first certified female mounted archery trainer and judge, who sees beauty as inspiration and aspires to motivate women globally.

At WithFeeling, we are dedicated to creating soundscapes that not only enhance brand identity but also forge a deeper connection with audiences. This Sephora campaign is a testament to the power of sound in amplifying the profound messages that brands wish to convey.

For further insights into how sonic branding can elevate your campaign, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help you make your brand not only seen but heard.

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