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A Spotlight on Guy Harris, The Voiceover Maestro

Hey there, folks!

In our ongoing mission to deliver the highest quality service, we think it's high time we gave our clients a sneak peek into the array of voice talents we have access to. Today, we're putting a spotlight on a truly exceptional talent - Guy Harris, also known as VoiceoverGuy.

Commercial Voiceover Showreel

Guy isn't just another voiceover artist - he's a seasoned veteran in the world of voiceovers. With over two decades of professional experience, Guy has lent his voice to over 100,000 scripts, making him a well-recognised voice across the globe and a highly sought-after talent in the industry.

The Character Voice Demo

His extraordinary journey has seen him collaborating with some of the world's largest brands. The likes of Apple, Disney, ITV, and have all utilised Guy's unique voice in their campaigns. His excellence in the field has earned him the VOX Award for Best Male Voice Over and saw him shortlisted for three SOVAS Voice Arts Awards. Quite the CV, wouldn't you agree?

Ho Ho Ho! THE Voice of Santa

Beyond traditional voiceover roles, Guy's versatility shines through. He’s a master of impressions, with his imitation of David Attenborough particularly hitting the mark. Come the holiday season, you might even hear Guy's cheerful tones portraying Santa Claus across multiple broadcasters such as ITV, BBC, Heart, Capital, Capital-Xtra, Santa Radio, and GO Jetters.

When it comes to the technical side of things, Guy operates from a state-of-the-art voiceover recording studio. This means he can deliver broadcast-quality WAV or mp3 files on the same day, ensuring your projects are completed with speed, without compromising on quality.

Are you on the hunt for a professional English voiceover artist who can bring a unique flair to your project? Look no further than Guy Harris. Get in touch - at, for a free sample of Guy's voiceover work based on your script.

That’s a wrap for our peek into the voice talents we work with. We hope you found it insightful.

Until next time,