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Unlocking the power of sound in branding has never been more crucial. In an age where brands are striving to stand out, sound offers an emotional and psychological edge that visuals alone cannot provide. In this guide, we'll explore how to harness the power of sound to enhance your brand's identity and connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Techniques for Unlocking the Power of Sound in Your Branding Strategy

When we talk about unlocking the power of sound in branding, it's essential to look at the different elements that comprise a brand's sonic identity. From sound logos and jingles to ambient music in a retail space, each sound plays a critical role in how a brand is perceived.

Sound Logos

The auditory counterpart to a visual logo, a sound logo is a brief melody or sequence of notes that embodies your brand.


The voices used in advertising or other brand materials should reflect the brand's personality and speak directly to the target audience.

Background Music

Whether it's in a store, an advertisement, or an online video, the music you choose can set the tone for customer interactions.

Real-world Examples of the Power of Sound in Branding

Unlocking the power of sound in branding has yielded substantial results for many global companies.

Dubai Racing Club

Our theme titled "Dubai Millenium" is a great example of an auditory logo which works on and off the horse racing track.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

'Dare To Dream' was developed by WithFeeling to embody the spirit, creativity, and significance of MBRL.


The fast-food giant’s iconic "I'm Lovin' It" jingle is a prime example of an auditory logo.


Sony’s signature start-up sound when you turn on a PlayStation console has become synonymous with gaming culture.

Implementing Sound in Your Branding: Actionable Tips

  1. Conduct a Sound Audit: Before you can unlock the power of sound in branding, you need to understand the current soundscape of your brand.
  2. Choose the Right Sounds: Base your choices on comprehensive market research and your brand’s existing personality.
  3. Regular Updates: Like any other aspect of branding, your sonic identity isn't static. It will need periodic reviews and updates to stay relevant.

Unlocking the Power of Sound

Unlocking the power of sound in branding is an ongoing process that demands strategic planning, creative thinking, and an intimate understanding of your brand's core identity. When executed effectively, a well-crafted sonic identity can serve as a powerful tool for differentiation and customer engagement.


  • What is Sonic Branding? It's the auditory element that encapsulates your brand's unique identity, often in a matter of seconds.
  • How is it different from Audio Branding? While Audio Branding is broad, Sonic Branding is precise and aimed at quick recognition and emotional resonance.
  • Why is it important? It offers a unique and effective way to connect with audiences, reinforcing brand recall and loyalty.
  • What does WithFeeling offer in terms of Sonic Branding? From research and strategy formulation to execution and performance measurement, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to build your unique sonic identity.

Feel free to reach out and discuss how we can tailor your sonic branding strategy to meet your specific needs.

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