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I recently learned of one of our clients' acoustic experts visiting New Delhi. This brought back so many great memories of my short time there, when I directed, shot, wrote, edited you name it ("wrote the theme toon sang the theme toon" lol) A series of videos for Arthan.

Arthan is an organisation that aims to make a positive social impact. They focus on helping non-profit groups become more effective and sustainable. They offer strategies to help these groups achieve their goals and measure their success. Arthan also creates opportunities for learning and partnerships between different sectors. One of their main projects, Eval Hub, is a platform that helps with research and community engagement.

Chris Atkins New Delhi Directing WithFeeling

I am not a professional film maker, but travelling and making films for Foundations and telling stories of interesting people is such a huge passion of mine, and something I haven't done in a very long time unfortunately since Covid, and working at EXPO 2020 Dubai, and setting up WithFeeling. But I hope to get back at it over the next few years.

New Delhi was a rollercoaster, so different from the sleek skyscrapers and polished streets of Dubai. The city had grit, it was tough and worn, but it felt alive in a way that's hard to put into words. Yes, it was dirty, and the smell could be overwhelming, but that's what made it real. The poverty was eye-opening, yet the city's spirit was unbreakable.

Chris Atkins Taj Mahal WithFeeling

I was lucky to explore Delhi with my new found friends from Arthan, the organisation I was documenting. We shared laughs, drinks, and even a karaoke night that I'll never forget. Their company made the city feel like home, and I managed to dodge the dreaded 'Delhi Belly', which was a win in itself!

Chris Atkins New Delhi WithFeeling

As a sound and music aficionado, Delhi was a feast for the ears. The markets were a cacophony of haggling and hustle, while the Taj Mahal was a sanctuary of silence. Ah, the Taj Mahal! Standing before it was a bucket list moment I never thought I'd experience. It was surreal, like stepping into a postcard.

Chris Atkins New Delhi Arthan WithFeeling

And let's talk about filming. Every shot was a dilemma because each frame was a story, a splash of colour, a burst of life. It was a filmmaker's dream and a nightmare, all rolled into one, because how do you cut anything out when it's all so captivating?

But what struck me the most was how safe I felt. In a city that felt as old as time, there was a sense of community that you don't find just anywhere. Delhi might be battered, but it's far from broken.

If you are interested, my other films are on my personal Vimeo channel.

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