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The Impact of Sound on Human Behaviour and Brand Recall. Have you ever questioned why particular jingles or melodies bring to mind a specific company or item almost immediately? The power of sound extends far beyond its role as a simple form of entertainment; it can change the way people behave and improve their ability to recall brands. In this blog, we’ll investigate the fascinating connection between sound, human behaviour, and the ability to recall brands, using evidence from scientific studies. Last but not least, we’ll demonstrate how we can accomplish elevating your brand with WithFeeling’s expert sonic branding services through a partnership with our company.

The Science Behind Sound and Human Behaviour

The Impact of Sound on Human Behaviour and Brand Recall. Researchers have found that sound profoundly impacts human emotions and behaviour. A University of Leicester study revealed that specific music genres influence consumer behaviour in retail environments. For instance, classical music encouraged customers to spend more, while pop music led to impulsive purchases (North, Hargreaves, & McKendrick, 1999).

Additionally, the Journal of Consumer Research published a study showing that background music affects consumers’ perception of waiting time. Slow-tempo music reduced perceived waiting time, making customers feel they waited for a shorter period (Hui, Dube, & Chebat, 1997).

The Connection Between Sound and Brand Recall

Sound instills powerful associations with brands, which in turn makes it simpler for customers to call them to mind. According to research published in the Journal of Marketing, compared to spoken advertisements, jingles for brands significantly improve consumers’ ability to recall those brands (Yalch, 1991). Because of the powerful effect that sound, and particularly music, has on people’s emotions and memories, it is much simpler for individuals to recall a brand that is associated with a specific melody or jingle.

Through the use of sonic branding, companies can develop a distinct and memorable identity that strikes a chord with their ideal customers. Building a unique sonic signature is one way for businesses to improve their customers’ ability to recall their brands and establish an emotional connection with those customers.

How WithFeeling Can Help

We at WithFeeling understand the power of sound and its impact on human behavior and brand recall. Our award-winning team of composers, sound designers, and branding experts can help you create a unique sonic identity that resonates with your audience and elevates your brand.

Whether you need an unforgettable jingle, a captivating soundscape, or a distinctive brand voice, we have the expertise and experience to bring your brand to life through the power of sound.

Take Action

Don’t miss the opportunity to harness the power of sound and boost your brand recall. Contact us today and let’s create a sonic identity that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

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