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The music and sound design for Kilian Paris’ new TV commercial, “And you, what scent reminds you of home?” was something we recently had the pleasure of doing. The advertisement, which is set amidst Dubai’s busy markets, features a wide variety of scents that evoke a sense of place and belonging.

We painstakingly recorded live Arabic instruments to capture the essence of this vibrant setting, giving the soundtrack a haunting, epic, and richly layered Arabic flavour. In addition to enhancing the visual narrative, our expertly created audio elements also go well with Kilian Paris’ opulent and evocative fragrances.

Working with Kilian Paris gave us the chance to showcase our proficiency in producing immersive audio experiences that are consistent with the core principles of the company. We feel privileged to have contributed to a project that emphasises how scents can evoke strong feelings and priceless memories.

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We had the honour of working on this project with the talented group at ASTUDIO. Together, we created the perfect fusion of exceptional visual storytelling, our meticulously crafted sound design, and rich Arabic-inspired music to realise Kilian Paris’ vision. This seamless blending of audio and visual components produced a striking and memorable TV commercial that whisks viewers away to the bustling markets of Dubai.

Our collaboration with ASTUDIO is a shining example of this. Working with like-minded creative professionals who share our commitment to delivering top-quality content is always a rewarding experience.

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Sound design is an important part of any ad because it helps make the experience more immersive and helps tell the story. In the Kilian Paris ad, it was very important to find the right balance between the different elements, such as music, sound effects, and visuals, so that the sound didn’t overpower the story told by the images.

To find this balance, it was important to work together and understand what the client wanted. By working closely with Kilian Paris, our team was able to learn about their brand values and the message they wanted to send. With this information, we were able to make a sound design that not only made the audience feel immersed but also fit with the company’s goals.

Adding live Arabic instruments to the soundtrack gave it a more authentic feel and made the whole sound experience better. Finding these instruments was an adventure in and of itself. We went to the busy markets of Dubai in search of the right sounds to fit into the song. This careful attention to detail turned out to be very helpful, as it led to a rich, real, and captivating soundscape that connected with the intended audience.

The success of this project shows how important it is for professionals to work together and be creative. The collaboration between ASTUDIO, Kilian Paris, and our sound design team showed what can happen when people from different fields who are passionate about their work work together. By combining our skills and working together, we were able to make a memorable ad that effectively communicated the brand message of Kilian Paris while capturing people’s attention with a blend of audio and visual elements that worked well together.