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In the digital age, e-commerce platforms are in a constant battle to capture and retain consumer attention. Amidst the visual noise, sonic branding emerges as a powerful tool to cut through the clutter. Sonic branding in e-commerce isn't just about creating a memorable jingle; it's about forging a multi-sensory experience that can turn clicks into sales and browsers into loyal customers.

The Silent Call of E-commerce

The online shopping environment is often seen as a visual and textual medium, yet there's a silent player in the game: sound. The absence of a physical experience in e-commerce can lead to a sensory gap, which sonic branding aims to fill. The right sound can evoke emotions, reinforce brand identity, and even influence purchasing decisions. However, without a strategic approach, brands may miss the opportunity to connect with their audience on an auditory level.

Harmonising Brand and Sound

The solution lies in the deliberate integration of sound into the customer's online journey. Scientific studies have shown that certain frequencies can affect human psychology, altering mood and behaviour. Historical references to sonic branding date back to the early days of radio, where distinctive sounds became synonymous with brands. By crafting a unique auditory identity, e-commerce platforms can create a 'sound logo' that resonates with customers, much like a visual logo does.


  1. Amazon: The distinctive sound of the Amazon Echo when it wakes up ("Alexa") is a prime example of sonic branding. It's a sound that has become synonymous with the ease of voice shopping and smart home control.
  2. eBay: eBay's app notification sound for a successful bid or sale is a subtle yet effective use of sonic branding that reinforces the excitement of using the platform.
  3. Mastercard: While not an e-commerce platform itself, Mastercard's sonic logo is used across various digital payment platforms. It plays after a transaction is completed, which includes e-commerce purchases, providing a sense of security and finality to the online shopping experience.
  4. Shopify: Shopify has a unique sound for its notifications that merchants hear when they make a sale. This sound becomes a positive reinforcement, associated with success and business growth.
  5. Zappos: Known for its customer service, Zappos has utilised hold music and other auditory branding techniques to make even waiting on the phone more pleasant, reinforcing their brand's commitment to a positive customer experience.
  6. Netflix: Although primarily a streaming service, Netflix's sonic identity at the start of its shows ("Ta-dum") is iconic and has been adapted for its mobile platform, creating a consistent brand experience across different devices, which includes its e-commerce aspect for merchandise.
  7. Taobao: China's massive online shopping site uses various sounds within its app to indicate actions like item selection, adding to cart, and payment confirmation, creating an interactive and engaging user experience.
  8. Intel: Intel Inside bong is one of the most famous sonic logos and is used across various platforms, including online advertisements for products that contain Intel components, which are often sold via e-commerce.

The Resonance of Results

The benefits of integrating sonic branding in e-commerce are manifold. A distinctive audio cue can enhance brand recall, differentiate a platform from competitors, and even improve user experience by providing auditory feedback during navigation. At WithFeeling, we understand the subtleties of sound and its impact on consumer engagement. Our expertise lies in creating bespoke auditory content that not only aligns with brand values but also enhances the digital shopping experience, encouraging customers to return.

Engaging Through Sound

Incorporating sonic elements into an e-commerce platform is more than just a marketing strategy; it's about creating an immersive brand experience. Simple, clear language coupled with relevant visuals and expert quotes can make the content more engaging. For instance, a quote from a WithFeeling sound designer could provide insight into the creative process behind a successful sonic brand strategy.

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Sonic Assurance: The New Frontier in E-commerce Trust

In the bustling digital marketplace, the psychological comfort of shoppers is paramount, particularly at the checkout where the final decision is made. It's here that the subtle art of sonic branding comes into play, offering a layer of reassurance and familiarity that can be the difference between a completed sale and an abandoned cart.

Instilling Confidence at Checkout A notable portion of online shoppers hesitate at the final hurdle due to payment security concerns. Retailers, striving to bridge the gap between consumer apprehension and transaction completion, find themselves grappling with the challenge of crafting impactful reassurance at this crucial juncture.

The Symphony of Trust Retailers can leverage brand assets to evoke trust, but in a world desensitised by constant advertising, it takes more to make a memorable mark. This is where WithFeeling steps in, orchestrating a multisensory branding strategy that transcends the visual. By integrating bespoke sonic elements into the shopping experience, we create a signature sound that signifies security and reliability at the point of sale.

The Essence of Sonic Branding Sonic branding isn't just about sound; it's about the strategic use of audio to forge a connection with the consumer's subconscious. A unique melody or a set of notes can become a powerful emblem of safety and authenticity, especially when it signals a successful transaction. WithFeeling specialises in crafting these auditory signatures that resonate with shoppers, enhancing their confidence and loyalty.

The Resonance of Sound in Shopping The impact of a well-designed sonic brand is backed by research. It's transformative, with consumers reporting a heightened sense of trust in stores that employ a reassuring checkout sound. This is the kind of immersive experience that WithFeeling provides, ensuring that every auditory interaction reinforces the brand's commitment to its customers.

Multichannel Sonic Branding WithFeeling's expertise allows sonic branding to be adapted across a multitude of channels, from in-store point-of-sale systems to online checkout processes. This ensures a consistent and reassuring presence, no matter where your customers choose to engage with your brand.

Experience the WithFeeling Difference As the retail landscape evolves, WithFeeling remains at the forefront, offering sonic branding as a tangible asset for enhancing customer assurance. To experience the unique edge our sonic branding can provide, visit our portfolio of work.

For retailers looking to infuse their customer experience with this level of assurance, WithFeeling is your partner in innovation. Connect with us to explore how our sonic branding solutions can be tailored to your brand's needs.