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Sonic Branding with WithFeeling: A Fresh Perspective on Brand Identity

When it comes to branding, we often focus on the visual elements. But there's another aspect that can be just as impactful: sound. Sonic Branding with WithFeeling is about creating a unique audio signature that can enhance brand recognition and connection.

Our Approach to Sonic Branding

At WithFeeling, we focus on creating sensory-led experiences. We use brand voices, original music compositions, and sound design to craft a unique sound for each brand we work with. But don't just take our word for it. Here's a video that showcases some great examples of sonic branding:

Sonic branding, or audio branding, is the use of sound to express your brand's identity.

It's often a 'jingle' – a short, memorable sound linked to your brand, like McDonald's ("I'm Lovin' It") or the startup sound of Apple computers. These are 'sound logos'.

But sonic branding goes beyond jingles. It's about creating a unique sound identity that resonates with your brand and its values, reaching your customers wherever they are – from public spaces and retail stores to TV commercials and social media ads.

Whether it's a single sound logo or a broader sound 'style', sonic branding is a powerful tool for brand messaging.

What People Say About Working with Us

We're fortunate to have worked with some amazing people, and we're grateful for their kind words:

  • "Chris at WithFeeling is always ready to go the extra mile. His work is fast, efficient, and faultless." - David Morgan, Executive Producer, What's Possible Group
  • "Joe is creative, professional, responsive, and reliable. His attention to detail and ability to consider everyone's point of view is commendable." - Dr Joe Bennett, Professor at Berklee College of Music

Sonic Branding: An Exciting Frontier

Sonic branding offers an exciting way to enhance brand identity and create deeper connections with audiences. At WithFeeling, we're excited to help brands explore this frontier and discover their unique sound. To learn more about the benefits of sonic branding, check out this article about sonic branding.

To explore more about our work and the power of sonic branding, visit our projects page.