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Sonic Branding for Airlines: Boost Your Brand with Music Identity

What is Music Identity and How Can it Benefit My Airline?

Music identity is the unique and memorable audio branding that defines a business and sets it apart from competitors. In the airline industry, this can be achieved through the use of jingles, theme songs, sound effects, and specific music styles. But why stop there? Imagine the possibilities of having an in-flight DJ spinning tunes or having your own airline anthem. The sky’s the limit with music identity!

Sonic Branding for Airlines

The Science Behind Sonic Branding: How Music Can Influence Emotions and Behavior

Studies show that music influences emotions, memories, and behaviors. In other words, the right tunes can make or break your brand. Delta Airlines greets passengers with their “Delta Morning” jingle, Southwest Airlines uses the catchy “Wanna Get Away” jingle, and Emirates incorporates Arabic music into their in-flight entertainment and airport terminal music. Additionally, Virgin Atlantic has created a cohesive and immersive audio experience by using a variety of music genres throughout the flight, from takeoff to landing. By using sonic branding, airlines can enhance the overall travel experience for their customers and increase loyalty.

Ready for Lift-Off: WithFeeling Can Help Your Airline Achieve Music Identity Success

Are you ready for lift-off with a unique and memorable music identity for your airline? WithFeeling can help you achieve success in this area.

Having a solid music identity is essential for any brand, and this is especially true for airlines. The music that plays in an airport or on a flight can have a significant impact on the overall atmosphere and experience of the journey. It sets the tone for the trip and can help to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for passengers.

At WithFeeling, a music agency specializing in sonic branding, we can help your airline reach new heights with a powerful music identity. Our team of experienced composers and sound designers will work with you to develop a sonic branding strategy that aligns with your brand’s values and goals. From developing jingles and theme songs to designing sound effects and creating music playlists, we’ve got you covered. So don’t be afraid to reach out to us at and let’s make some beautiful music together

Emirates Boarding Music

Emirates flights use music from around the world as boarding music, which shows how far the airline goes and how many different kinds of people use it. It is meant to bring travellers from all over the world together and make them feel like they belong. The music is also carefully chosen to fit the luxury, comfort, and indulgence theme of the airline’s onboard experience.