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So, tell me, what exactly is a SOGO? A sogo, often called a sound logo, is a distinctive sonic signature that promotes brand recognition through auditory memorization. A sogo can help set a brand apart and leave an indelible impact on consumers much like a logo can.

Definitions of Sogo Forms

Sogos can be anything from a catchy jingle or tune to a single word or phrase delivered in a unique way. The sogo ought to be distinctive enough that people will remember it. The “bong” sound, used to introduce Intel advertising, is a catchy jingle that has become instantly identifiable. This helps consumers mentally link the brand with the noise.

Employing Sogos

Sogos can also be used as a product’s initial startup sound or on a business’s website. Consistent use of a sogo might help consumers remember the sound and associate it with the brand.

Cases of Sogos

The NBC chimes, the MGM lion roar, and the 20th Century Fox fanfare are all examples of famous sogos. People have strong emotional connections to the brands represented by these sogos.

  • Since the early 1920s, NBC has employed a series of chimes consisting of three notes. The NBC chimes
  • Since the 1920s, MGM has used a roaring lion sound effect known as the “MGM lion roar.”
  • The 20th Century Fox fanfare, first written by Alfred Newman in the 1930s, has been utilised by the studio continuously since then.
  • Since 2003, McDonald’s commercials have featured the “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle.
  • As early as 1988, Nike began using the “Just Do It” motto and associated music in its commercials.
  • AT&T’s commercial “melodic bell” jingle has been playing since 1984.
  • People have strong emotional connections to the brands represented by these sogos.

These sogos are instantly recognizable and create a strong association with the brands they represent.

What is a SOGO?

Use of a Sogo and Its Benefits

The constant application of a sogo across many mediums and settings can give a brand a distinct identity and leave a long-lasting impact on consumers. It has the potential to both further solidify the brand’s identity and provide a singular, unforgettable connection between the product and its target audience.

Music-Based Marketing using WithFeeling

WithFeeling is an audio branding agency that helps businesses develop their sound identities. When you work with us, we can create a sogo that is both distinct and memorable, perfectly encapsulating your brand’s soul. Please email us at if this seems interesting to you. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your requirements and present our offerings.