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Introduction: The Resonance of Sonic Branding In a recent interview with The World Times, I had the opportunity to discuss the role of sound identity in branding. This concept, central to our work at WithFeeling, is about crafting a voice that speaks to the heart of a brand.

sound identity in branding

A Personal Approach to Sonic Branding Our philosophy at WithFeeling is rooted in creating soundscapes that narrate a brand's story. It's about finding that unique auditory element that resonates with both the brand and its audience, something we've cherished in every project.

Embracing Global Melodies and Local Tones Our expansion to Las Vegas and engagements in Saudi Arabia reflect our commitment to embracing diverse cultural sounds. These experiences have taught us the value of incorporating local nuances into our global projects.

sound identity in branding

Highlighting a Signature Project: Expo 2020 Dubai One of our most heartwarming projects was developing the theme song for Expo 2020 Dubai. This project was not just about composing a melody; it was about weaving a tapestry of sounds that captured the essence of a global gathering.

sound identity in branding

The Subtle Art of Voice Selection Selecting the right voice for a brand is all part of "sound identity in branding." It's a task we approach with care and thoughtfulness. It's about matching a tone that aligns seamlessly with the brand’s character and story.

Bringing Stories to Life in Theme Parks Our work in theme parks across various countries showcases our passion for creating soundscapes that transport visitors to other worlds, enhancing their experience beyond the visual.

Sharing a Piece of Advice For those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, my advice is simple: find what you love, do it with passion, and build a team that shares your vision and values.

Sound Identity in Branding

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