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Music makes all the difference, like in The opening scenes of Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’. A drone camera shot flies over a densely wooded landscape. There is no sign of human life, in fact, no sign of human existence. Verdi’s menacing ‘Dies Irae’ plays over the scene, telling us that we are about to embark on a terrifying journey.

At the end of ‘Blade Runner’, as Rachel and Deckard escape the city, they fly over a densely forested landscape. Vangelis’  music suggests hope, optimism, and freedom.

And yet the forest footage is not just similar: it’s the SAME. –  outtakes from the earlier film.

Which shows the power of music to create a montage that conjures up emotion, even without the use of words.

So it’s all-important to choose the right music to capture the essence of your brand, your film, and your environment.

Obviously, all done With Feeling.

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Taking a moment to close your eyes, what comes to mind when you think of Star Wars? What do you hear? Maybe there will be laser blasters, lightsabers, and a dramatic score by John Williams? Music in film plays a key role in developing the themes and tone of major pop culture films.

Music impacts how we perceive visual imagery.

Even in scores of a more subtle nature or in commercial work, music makes all the difference and impacts how we perceive visual imagery.

Take, for instance, a scene in which our main character runs through a field. It is a tall brush and they are running at a fast pace without showing any emotion. A brooding horror soundtrack with shrill violins and low-end rumbles plays in the background. How do you feel about our actor? Are you scared or concerned?

Imagine the same scene, our actor running through the field, but with an inspiring action soundtrack. Brass and orchestra sound just like your favorite super hero movie. How do you feel right now? Probably something different from our last example.

Despite a subtle change in soundtrack, the interpretation of our scene changed dramatically. Whether it’s a toothpaste commercial or a blockbuster, the same principles apply. Stock music subscriptions or music libraries may be a good choice if you’re looking for great commercial music. If you’re making the next Avengers movie, better hire a professional composer.