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Utilising sonic branding.

As Steve Jobs once said, "Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works."

At WithFeeling, we all love design and think that every part of a brand, from how it looks to how it sounds, should be thought about during the design process. This idea directs us as we create sonic branding strategies that connect with audiences and encourage company expansion by utilising sonic branding effectively.

Think about how you feel when you hear the familiar drumbeat of the 20th Century Fox fanfare or how you feel when the first notes of the Mastercard melody start to play. These companies have fully embraced sonic branding, making lasting impressions on their audiences. Particularly Mastercard has experienced outstanding outcomes from consistently utilising their sonic logo, demonstrating the strength of passion in the field of sound and the power of effectively utilising sonic branding.

utilising sonic branding


The ambitious sonic branding project Mastercard launched in 2019 resulted in a thorough sound architecture that has since connected with millions of customers all over the world. The project aimed to create a distinctive and enduring melody representing the Mastercard brand at various touchpoints. The outcome? A successful sonic logo that has changed how people view the brand on a global scale.

Global Adaptability: A Tune for Every Region

In order to resonate with various geographic areas, Mastercard's innovative approach to sonic branding involved creating multiple variations of their melody. Due to its adaptability, the brand was able to connect with consumers in over 210 different countries while still maintaining its identity. Mastercard's project has gained recognition around the world for being a culturally appropriate and recognisable sonic logo.

Awards and Accolades: Industry Recognition

The Mastercard sonic branding project has been widely praised by both consumers and industry experts. Their groundbreaking approach to sound has earned them prestigious awards, such as the 2020 Cannes Lions Audio Grand Prix, a testament to the innovation and impact of their work in the field of sonic branding.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Music to Their Ears

The increase in customer engagement and satisfaction has been one of the Mastercard sonic branding project's most notable results. Mastercard has given their customers a consistent and pleasurable experience by incorporating their melody into a variety of touchpoints, including digital platforms, retail settings, and marketing campaigns. This increased interest is a definite sign that their sonic branding strategy is working.

The Mastercard sonic branding project shows the value of sound in forging a distinctive brand identity and forging deeper connections with customers. Mastercard has demonstrated that a well-executed sonic branding strategy can result in resounding success through global adaptability, industry recognition, and increased customer engagement.

The importance of using your sonic branding with zeal and commitment will be discussed in this post, along with how working with WithFeeling, the top sonic branding agency in the UAE, can take your brand to new heights.

  1. With a Passionate Edge: Consistency Similar to your visual identity, your sonic branding should be applied consistently across all platforms and channels. Infuse passion into every application, though, if you want to have a real impact. Allow your audio identity to evoke the feelings your brand stands for, creating a symphony that resonates with your audience, in everything from TV and radio commercials to mobile apps and podcasts.
  2. Enchant and Captivate On-site Visitors Passion is the key ingredient for on-site visitor experiences. Integrate your sonic branding into soundscapes, background music, announcements, and performances to create an immersive and unforgettable experience. By weaving your brand's audio essence throughout, you'll leave a lasting impression that endures long after guests have departed.
  3. Revitalise service encounters Increase the quality of your customer service interactions by bringing fervour and zeal to your sonic branding. Let your audio logo or music track leave an impression on customers, partners, and employees everywhere from call centres and corporate interactions to workforce communications and press events. A passionate approach to using your musical identity can strengthen bonds and foster loyalty like never before.
  4. Unlock Your Sonic Assets' Full Potential WithFeeling has a strong passion for developing memorable sonic branding experiences. Our team of honourees is an expert in creating original music compositions, brand voices, and sound design, and we can tailor each component to perfectly match your brand identity.

Consider these compelling statistics that demonstrate the importance of consistent and passionate use of sonic branding:

  • Brands consistently using their sonic logo have 36% higher audio scores than those rarely or never using their logo.
  • Brands consistently using their sonic logos have 88% higher recall than those rarely/never using their logos.
  • Brands consistently using their sonic logos score 10% higher overall for creative resonance than those rarely/never using their logos.
  • Branded sound has a higher recognition rate than other brand assets, such as graphic logos.
  1. Distinguish Yourself with Original Music: Abandon Stock Music Why opt for stock music when you can create a unique sonic experience for your audience? Music comprises 50% of the experience, and using generic stock music for your TikTok and Instagram videos is a missed opportunity.

Original musical works that are created specifically for your brand's identity can distinguish it from rivals. Investing in custom music improves the perception of your brand and also fosters a more meaningful interaction with your audience.

Enhance your social media content and brand presence by utilising WithFeeling's proficiency in writing original music compositions, which captures your brand's essence in every note. Allow us to assist you in eschewing stock music and creating a sonic experience that is uniquely yours.

For sonic branding to reach its full potential, a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond the logo and includes soundscapes, music genres, and other elements is essential. When clients design a sonic logo that is never used, we can relate to their frustration.

utilising sonic branding

Get in touch with us at to find out more about how WithFeeling can help you transform your brand's sonic identity and create unforgettable experiences driven by passion.

utilising sonic branding

In conclusion, having a standout musical composition or sonic logo is just the beginning of your sonic branding journey. To fully benefit from this potent marketing tool, you must embrace your audio assets with enthusiasm and consistency across all business touchpoints, as well as make an investment in original music. To maximise the power of your sonic branding and take your company to new heights, turn to WithFeeling.

utilising sonic branding

Let's go!

WithFeeling is the partner you need to fully leverage the power of sonic branding thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the MENA region and our unwavering dedication to seeing you through to the completion of your branding objectives. Embark on a journey of sound and passion with us, and together, we'll build a brand experience that connects with your audience on a whole new level.

If you've got it, show it off and tell the world how passionate you are about your brand by utilising sonic branding.