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Crafting Sound Magic: Our Role in the Sound Design for the new Amazon Ads Commercial with Tactical

At WithFeeling, we understand that sound design is a crucial part of storytelling in commercials. In Amazon Ads' latest commercial, we had the opportunity to showcase this expertise. Our role in the sound design for Amazon's commercial has been an exciting journey filled with creativity and collaboration.

Our Task in Sound Design for the New Amazon Ads Commercial

In every scene of the commercial, from the child adventuring in the jungle to the sports fan immersed in the game, the sound design was key to enhancing the viewer's experience. With approximately 100 tracks of sound effects intricately layered, we brought each scene to life. The process was complex, but the trusty Pro Tools, our Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), enabled us to effectively manage this intricate soundscape. The result? A vibrant and engaging sound design for Amazon's commercial that complements the visuals beautifully.

Collaboration with Tactical

During this project, we collaborated with the innovative agency, Tactical. Known for their exceptional work in mobile and social marketing, Tactical was responsible for the stunning animations in the commercial. Our partnership with them ensured that the sound design and animations worked in harmony, creating an impactful and memorable viewing experience for Amazon's audiences.

A Sound Collaboration to Remember

As the creators of the sound design for Amazon Ads commercial, we feel a sense of accomplishment. The opportunity to work on a global platform like Amazon and contribute to the final product is not something we take lightly. It's a testament to the trusted relationships we build and the satisfaction we gain from creating high-quality sound design that enhances and complements the narrative.

As you experience the sound design in the Amazon Ads' new commercial, take a moment to appreciate the synergy between the visuals and sounds. This harmony showcases the power of collaboration between WithFeeling and Tactical. It's a project that we're proud of and one that we look forward to sharing with the world. From this experience, we're excited to continue producing engaging and dynamic sound designs in future projects.