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Yuno Energy

We're excited to share our recent sonic branding venture titled "Future Charged" for Yuno Energy, the shining beacon in Ireland's energy supply landscape. As we took our steps into the dynamic world of Yuno, our objective was clear: to echo their innovative energy solutions through the universal language of sound.

Working alongside the talented teams at What's Possible Group, Spark Foundry, and other brilliant minds in the industry, this collaboration was nothing short of electric. Each entity brought their unique flair and expertise, making the creation process not just seamless but truly enjoyable.

A special mention to the visionary Creative Strategist, Julie Murray, whose insights gave depth to our sonic narratives. Kudos to Orlagh Daly for her impeccable art direction and Dan O'Doherty's copywriting magic, which added layers of context to our audio vision. Nick Kelly's direction was the guiding light, and the editing finesse of Christopher Kemble, combined with David Morgan's adept production capabilities, ensured that the final output was polished, impactful, and ready to resonate.

As the campaign unfurls across TV, radio, and digital platforms, it’s heartening to see (and hear) the "Future Charged" sonic branding seamlessly integrate and elevate Yuno Energy's message. The positive reception and the buzz it's created is a testament to the collaborative spirit of all involved.

Crafting the Yuno Energy Sonic Identity

Recognising Yuno Energy’s commitment to revolutionising the energy sector, we aimed to create an auditory experience that's as innovative and forward-thinking as the brand itself. Our journey began with understanding Yuno's core ethos, translating it into a sonic narrative that resonates across different touchpoints.

More Than Just a Jingle: The Audio Toolkit

This isn't merely about catchy jingles or short-lived sound bytes. Our audio toolkit is a comprehensive suite of sound assets, meticulously designed to ensure brand consistency, recognisability, and emotional resonance.

  • Television & Radio: Tailored soundscapes to complement visuals, narrate stories, and ensure Yuno Energy stands out in the crowd.
  • Social Media: Snippets and sound effects designed for short-form content, ensuring immediate brand recall in the fast-paced world of social scrolling.
  • Call Centre: A calming and distinctive on-hold melody, ensuring every customer interaction starts and ends on a harmonious note.

At WithFeeling, we always believe in the power of collaboration, and this experience has reinforced that belief. It was an absolute delight to be part of this journey with Yuno Energy and the entire team. The camaraderie, shared passion, and unified vision truly made this project shine.

Watch this space, as we'll soon be diving deeper into this sonic venture with a comprehensive case study. Till then, tune into the Yuno Energy campaign and let the soundscapes of "Future Charged" energise your day!

Creative: What's Possible Group
Media agency: Spark Foundry
Audio branding: WithFeeling
Creative Strategy: Julie Murray
Art Director: Orlagh Daly
Copywriter: Dan O'Doherty
Director: Nick Kelly
Editor: Christopher Kemble
Executive Producer: David Morgan

Stay tuned for more to come!


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Information about Yuno Energy

Electricity bills can often come as an unwelcome surprise at the end of the month, leaving many of us scratching our heads and wondering where all that energy went. With the evolving landscape of technology, we no longer have to remain in the dark about our energy consumption habits. Enter Yuno Energy, the app that promises to illuminate our understanding of energy consumption and spending.

No more shocking energy bills, ever 

Always know in advance how much you pay each month. Take charge of your home electricity with real-time and predictive insights in your Yuno Energy app.

Start the month with a Prediction (kWh & €) calculated from your previous usage.  

Track your actual usage against the Prediction to see how you compare.  

Adjust your day-to-day activities and habits to avoid overspending or unlock potential savings.

Reduce next month's payment whenever your usage is lower than predicted. 

Yuno Energy