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At WithFeeling, we're not just a sonic branding agency; we're a creative hub where sound design, original music compositions, and brand voices come together to create immersive auditory experiences. Our keyphrase, "Sonic Branding for Iconic Brands," perfectly encapsulates our mission.

We believe in the power of sound to spark engagement, performance, and connection. From our earliest heartbeats to the most complex compositions, music and sounds conjure up feelings, memories, and emotions. We harness this elemental power to create a unique sonic identity for your brand.

Our portfolio is as diverse as it is impressive. We've worked on projects such as the Google TV launch in the USA, the Dubai World Cup, and the Dubai Millennium. One of our most notable projects is the creation of the iconic original theme song for Expo 2020 Dubai. The song, written and produced by our very own Joe Dickinson, topped the charts in the MENA region and set the tone for the mega event.

Our approach to Sonic Branding for Iconic Brands is holistic. We believe that sound and music are as essential as every other aspect of a brand, an event, a space, or an organisation. We connect all aspects of sound experiences, from sonic branding to original music compositions, from sound design and soundscapes to brand voices. This includes tailored audio post-production services and turnkey solutions.

Sonic Branding for Iconic Brands

Our blog is a treasure trove of information on sonic and audio branding. It offers insights into the power of sound in the digital age, the advantages of developing a sonic DNA, and the role of sound in shaping consumer experiences. It also features articles on creating music for themed entertainment and the power of audio branding.

One of our key services is the creation of sound logos. These are distinctive signature melodies that encapsulate everything about a brand's identity. We also offer original music compositions to mark special occasions and epic moments. Our brand voices service helps brands establish deep connections with people through the unique tone and personality of a voice.

Our sound design and soundscapes create an ever-changing narrative made of rhythms, notes, and other wonderful sounds. They create atmospheres and make spaces whole, be it physical or digital. We ask, "What would a sunset feel like without the sound of the wind and the splash of the waves?"

Our team is led by Chris Atkins, a renowned sonic branding expert based in Dubai. With over twenty years of experience in music production and multimedia, Chris has worked with well-known brands like the BBC World Service and Expo 2020 Dubai. His broad range of industry experience enables him to offer clients creative and practical solutions that strengthen their brand's identity and leave a lasting impression on their target market.

WithFeeling is more than a music studio or a sonic branding agency. We are creators of audio and sonic identities that reflect and amplify a brand's values. We are the architects of soundscapes that evoke emotions, trigger memories, and fuel business growth. So, if you're ready to explore the power of sound, sound us out at Let's create something unforgettable together.