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Sonic branding isn't just for fast food restaurants, airlines, or streaming services; it can benefit any business that values identity and brand recall. No one understands this better than Anthony Murray, Director of ShredIt ME, the region's leading secure data and document destruction service. We've collaborated closely with ShredIt ME to craft a sonic identity that is organic, fresh, and infused with the essence of the region.

What does Shredit ME do?

One-off Paper Shredding
Declutter your workspace by securely shredding old documents with our One Time document destruction service.

Regularly Scheduled Paper Shredding
Avoid data breaches and safeguard your business with regular shredding services, ensuring ongoing document security.

Hard Drive Destruction
Simply deleting data isn't enough—let us securely destroy obsolete hard drives, protecting you from costly breaches.

Media Destruction
We offer secure destruction services for a range of storage media, including CD-ROMs, USB drives, and data tapes.

Mobile Shredding
Our secure mobile shredding service brings reliable document destruction directly to your location.

Specialty Shredding Service
From uniforms to ID cards, we provide specialized shredding services, protecting confidential information across all forms.

Our Sonic Identity

The sonic branding track for ShredIt ME, composed by WithFeeling, harmoniously intertwines the values of security, sustainability, and community. With a dynamic yet organic soundscape, the track captures the essence of ShredIt ME’s mission to safeguard personal and business data while embracing environmental responsibility. Each note and instrument is carefully chosen to reflect a modern, fresh, and trustworthy vibe, mirroring the company's approach to responsible document destruction. This sonic identity brings ShredIt ME's brand to life, resonating with its commitment to protecting what matters. The track offers not just a melody, but a symphony of innovation and responsibility, creating an immersive experience for listeners, embodying ShredIt ME's dedication to its clients and the environment.

🗣️Anthony Murray: Experts in their field, WithFeeling brought a unique creative vision to the table, crafting a sonic identity they truly captured the essence of our brand and reflects who we are as a company, Throughout the process the team at WithFeeling collaborated closely with us and fully understand the importance of sound in creating a memorable brand and partnership experience and what’s even better is it’s #madeintheuae #sonicbranding #shreditme

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