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HyperX 2022 Christmas Holiday Music – We were delighted to have created the music for this wonderful, meticulously crafted stop-motion film by A+C Studios.

A+C Studios has come a long way…

The story began in 2007 when A+C founder Dan Richards started the company in his dad’s garage with little more than a box of Plasticine, a camera and a big vision.
Fast forward to today, via a Whitstable shipping container, to our beautiful converted Victorian building. The custom-fitted space holds three animation production studios, a model-making workshop, a motion design studio, an edit suite and admin offices for our growing team of creatives.

A+C Studios go on to say “We’ve just completed our second Christmas project together with HyperX, “Game with those who matter”. Directed by Dan Richards, working alongside HyperX, A+C has brought to life a simple but wonderfully visual script starring our stop motion family Grandpa, Mum, big sister and her little brother. Little B is keen to share his sister’s cool HyperX gear, but she doesn’t want to share. A relatable tale of sibling boundaries and compromise.

Dan worked with our illustrator, James Dyer, to create the perfect aesthetic to evolve the characters from last year’s spot of Grandpa, Mum, and Big Sister and introduce our new character, Little Brother. The A+C model makers endeavoured to keep the spirit of James’ drawings for the final models and sets, which we’re delighted with.”


A+C Studios took their original storyboard and began the process of building out the timings and flow of the narrative for the film. Creating the animatic is always a critical step in the process and gives them and our client partners a reference point to ensure they remain on strategy and true to the creative vision.

Behind the scenes

A+C Studios love to make BTS films alongside the main event because it gives the audience a deeper understanding of everything that goes into creating the final animation. It shows the humans, processes and scale of work that create the magic we finally see, and audiences love to learn about the story behind it. Check out the timelapse in the link, as James, our lead animator on the spot furiously works away to shoot one small scene!

Music Composition

If you are interested in working with us and creating something similar to the HyperX 2022 Christmas Holiday Music soundtrack, get in touch!

Final Thoughts

Finally, the partnership between A+C Studios and WithFeeling for the HyperX 2022 Christmas Holiday Music film exemplifies the amazing potential of fusing cutting-edge animation methods with masterfully composed music. This project emphasises the value of a unified creative vision and the effectiveness of teamwork in creating memorable stories.

A+C Studios’ journey from their modest beginnings in a garage to their present cutting-edge facilities is a testament to the value of tenacity, passion, and imaginative vision. They have been able to carve out a distinct niche in the industry thanks to the advancement of their animation techniques and their capacity to tell compelling stories using stop-motion. The HyperX 2022 Christmas Holiday Music movie is a shining illustration of how the group’s artistic prowess can be applied to produce a charming and relatable tale that connects with viewers.

The collaboration between A+C Studios and WithFeeling also highlights the value of musical composition in enhancing an animated film’s overall impact. The right music can enhance a narrative, giving the visuals more depth and emotion, and giving the viewer a wholly immersive experience. For their projects to stand out and make an impact on their audience, brands must invest in high-quality music composition.

The success of the HyperX 2022 Christmas Holiday Music project serves as proof that expert animation and talented music composition can combine to create truly amazing results. Do not hesitate to contact WithFeeling at if you are interested in discussing the potential for working together on a project of a similar nature. In order to create a custom soundtrack that will perfectly complement your creative vision and make your project truly unforgettable, our team of committed professionals is always available to work with you.