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Early Sonic Branding – Founder of rock legends King Crimson, guitarist Robert Fripp has always been interested in exploring the space between ‘music’ and ‘noise’. His early collaboration with Brian Eno produced ‘No Pussyfooting’ (1973), which combined Eno’s tape delay ambient experiments with Fripp’s electric guitar Frippertronics technique.

The two side-long tracks bewildered many, and DJ John Peel accidentally played the entire album backwards. (It was later rereleased with tracks also played backwards or at half-speed.)

Both Fripp and Eno separately went on to record start-up sounds for Microsoft operating systems  –  early sonic branding.

Fripp has gone on to play many solo concerts around the world, using a wide variety of effects, and creating a considerable catalogue of ‘soundscapes’; music created for the space in which they were played, in essence, a forerunner of much of today’s sonic branding.

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Audio branding, a sound strategy that fuels business growth.

We all respond to sound and rhythm, from our earliest heartbeats to the most complex compositions.

Music and sounds conjure up feelings, memories and emotions, and we will use their elemental power on your behalf. We’ll create the sound of your brand.

We’re great believers in ‘once heard, never forgotten’.

Ready to hit the high notes? Get in contact and let’s collaborate and amplify your brand. Our Audio Branding work

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Sonic branding plays a key role in capturing listeners’ attention wherever they encounter it: from films, TV and radio to podcasts; from presentations and retail stores to exhibitions and even a walk through outdoor public spaces.

We create audio and sonic identities that best reflect and amplify your values.

The Nokia and Intel jingles, the Jaws or Bond themes, someone singing ‘I’m lovin’ it, or the deep voice of a German man saying ‘Das Auto’. The ting sound you associate with sparkly clean teeth or when you sit down at the end of the day to relax and hear the “Ba Bam” on Netflix – are all memorable sounds we associate with brands.

Sound is a powerful way to connect with people.