The music and sound effects for Kilian Paris’ new TV commercial, “And you, what scent reminds you of home?” were recently a pleasure to create. The advertisement, which is set in the busy markets of Dubai, highlights the extensive and varied fragrances that evoke a sense of home and belonging.

We recorded live Arabic instruments to capture the spirit of this energetic environment, giving the soundtrack an authentic, cinematic feel that whisks viewers away to the centre of Dubai’s captivating markets. Our painstakingly created audio elements not only enhance the visual storytelling, but they also go well with Kilian Paris’ opulent and evocative fragrances.

Through our partnership with Kilian Paris, we were able to demonstrate our proficiency in producing immersive audio experiences that perfectly reflect the mission and values of the company. We’re honoured to have helped with a project that emphasises the power of smells and their capacity to arouse sentimental feelings and memories.

The well-known luxury fragrance company Kilian Paris has a significant presence in the cosmopolitan and affluent city of Dubai. The Kilian Hennessy-founded company is renowned for its exquisite and distinctive scents that radiate luxury and elegance.

Dubai, a city that values its thriving perfume culture, has embraced Kilian Paris. The brand’s dedication to producing the highest quality fragrances is in line with Emiratis’ love of alluring and decadent scents. Additionally, the exquisite packaging and gorgeous, artistic bottles have won over Dubai’s discerning perfume enthusiasts.

Kilian Paris has been successful in bridging the gap between conventional Arabic scents and cutting-edge, contemporary fragrances in Dubai. The brand provides a sensory experience that appeals to both local and international clientele by fusing oriental notes with contemporary elements.

By releasing exclusive, limited-edition scents and working with regional designers and artists, Kilian Paris is able to further deepen its relationship with Dubai’s perfume connoisseurs. This ongoing partnership between Kilian Paris and the city of Dubai is evidence of the brand’s commitment to producing distinctive and alluring fragrances.

In perfect harmony, we were able to realise Kilian Paris’ vision by working with the gifted team at ASTUDIO. Their exceptional use of visual storytelling combined with our expertly produced audio produced a compelling and memorable TV ad. By working with ASTUDIO, we were able to seamlessly combine the audio and visual components, increasing the ad’s overall impact and giving the audience a wholly immersive sensory experience.

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with creative individuals who share our commitment to providing the best content, and our relationship with ASTUDIO is proof of that.

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