We recently had the chance to take a close look at the music and sound design creation process for Kilian Paris’ new TV commercial, “And you, what scent reminds you of home?” Our goal was to meticulously create a rich tapestry of sound effects and music within our digital audio workstation, Pro Tools, to vividly depict the bustling markets of Dubai.

We started out by carefully examining the visual components of the commercial. We carefully examined each frame to determine how sound could improve the mood and advance the plot. We were able to create a sonic environment that perfectly captured the mood of the scene by selectively layering sound effects that reflected the lively market environment.

Our approach to the music was greatly influenced by the use of live Arabic instrument recordings. In order to transport viewers to the centre of Dubai’s fascinating markets, we set out to create an authentic, cinematic atmosphere. The soundtrack was given a modern edge while still reflecting the region’s rich cultural heritage through our choice of melodies and instruments.

We painstakingly edited and mixed the audio elements using Pro Tools as our main workstation, making sure that each sound effect and musical cue melded with the pictures. To achieve a seamless and immersive sonic experience, this process involved fine-tuning the timing, volume, and panning of individual audio tracks.

Through our work on the Kilian Paris TV commercial, we demonstrated our ability to bring images to life using a wide variety of sound effects and music. Sound design is a powerful storytelling tool. The outcome was an engrossing and compelling audiovisual experience that emphasised the power of scents and evoked a sense of home and belonging.

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