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We want to give you a sneak peek inside the making of a piece of music and explore the different elements (instruments or stems) which make up a full mix. We hope you enjoy this series, if you like this type of content, let us know and we’ll do a lot more!

We chose the recent piece of work we did for Saadiyat Island to kick off the series. #behindthesounds

Introducing WithFeeling, a new audio post-production agency setting new benchmarks in experiential sound and audio environments.

Music tailored to your story.

We are a team of award-winning composers with a track record of creating original music compositions across multiple styles and genres. We have built a wide network of international musicians, composers and sound designers with whom we regularly work and collaborate with.

With over 20 years of experience in the MENA region, our understanding of local musical styles is unrivalled, and we have developed great working relationships with many local and regional musicians and composers.

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Welcome to our series about how a piece of music is made. In this series, we’ll show you what goes on behind the scenes and talk about the different parts that go into a full mix. From the instruments and “stems” to the final mix, we’ll show you how music is made, from the beginning to the end.

We chose to start the series with a piece of work we did recently for Saadiyat Island. We hope you enjoy this look at how a piece of music comes together. If you like this kind of content, let us know, and we’ll make more for you in the future.

Stay tuned for the first #behindthesounds episode, which will go into detail about the parts of this piece of music. We can’t wait to tell you about it!

The process of making music has many facets and involves both creative and technical components. The process starts with the initial concept, during which musicians and artists create concepts for lyrics, melodies, and chord progressions. As the project progresses, they will record individual vocal and instrument tracks and then mix and master the finished product.

In the process of making music, more than just the overall picture counts. Small details can have a big impact on the finished product. WithFeeling’s new series offers a fascinating inside look at how they create their original compositions, examining the various components that go into each track.

This series is a fantastic way for both amateur and professional musicians to learn more about the planning and effort that goes into creating music that perfectly conveys a brand’s identity. Viewers will gain an insider’s perspective on the complex process of music production as they learn about the various instruments and stems used in a full mix and the significance of sound design.

Award-winning composers and sound designers at WithFeeling draw on their wealth of knowledge to produce original, compelling music that connects with listeners. Through their new series, they hope to promote a deeper understanding of the craft of music production and persuade more companies to take sonic branding seriously.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes glimpses at the craft of music production from WithFeeling if you’re a musician looking to improve your skills or a brand looking to strengthen your identity.